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Hello yall thought id just pop in and say nice site busy community and good work well we a few of us have just opened a PC TECh site we have a very highly talented team as we have been looking for the right team for about 2 minths now and anyways we have them so any questions what so eva on hardware software etc just come and leave us a message and we will do our best too answer it

I would alos like too know if this forum XP-eriance would like too exchange banners like have a small banner for our sites on here and yours on mine vice versa look firward too hearing from ya

and the url

too da forum i know revolution aint spelt right but that was took and the url too the site when it is complete

we are currently looking for moderators with quite a good knowledge of computers etc.. if ya fit thew build leave a msg on the become a moderator announcements wish too hear from you guys soon

Also on one more note we are becoming AMD resellers next week so we will have good deals on AMD's so all registered users will get a Discount

And also we are opening a custom case store for all your custom needs we also take orders and will send them off too ya this will open in a few weeks keep posted...


sorry for the double post relized i posted it in wrong forum :)


we will also be hosting regular comps when the site picks up for registered users ranging from RAm too Full systems provided by AMD
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damn I like linkin park and harry potter lol :p

some one call bytes back Police Chief.. Qumahlin needs locking up. how could you like harry potter man.. :rolleyes: lol


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Punisher is here,

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Bet your sorry now

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