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New Motherboard thwarts CD drive in WIndows 98


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I just put a new ECS motherboard in my old windows 98 computer. It appears to work fine, but all of the sudden WIndows doesn't see my CD drive. It also pops up the error
error loading powerprof.dll (I think thats how it was spelled)
a device attached to the system is not functioning

This error came before the new motherboard because this is the second of these motherboards that I have had (the first one had screwed up Cmos).
Hmmm its a tough thing to fix. Windows generally doesnt like a hardware change without a reinstall in the 9x series its possible to delete the hardware enum key in the registry but I forget which it is (it basically uninstalls all the hardware forcing a clean reinstallof all drivers on next boot), this allows you to do a sort of repair install of sorts.

If you feel up to it hunt around the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE tree under control I suspect. Otherwise delete the windows directory and reinstall. (you keep your stuff mostly intact that way)


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Regcleaner did the jog quickly and easily. THank you, however, its not over yet. WHen I start it up, I recieve five successive errors saying the computer couldnt find streamcc. I looked this up and found streamcc.dll in the system folder, and even backed up the old file and copied a fresh one from the windows disk, but the error still shows. I also recieve an error that says:
error loading powrprof.dll
a device attached to the system is not functioning

powrprof.dll is in the system folder and I backed up and replaced it too, but the error still comes. THere is one other error saying a file leads to something... I don't have time to find what it is now, I'll post back later.

Any help will be appreciated.

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