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new monitor


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Ok xmas season is coming and I was thinking maybe I would ask for a new monitor but I'm not sure where is even a good place to start to compare and there are millions of places out there, so it can take forever to weed out the MANY bad. So I was wonder if maybe some of you could either point me to some good monitor review sites or maybe just some good ones that you've had or used.

I currently have a 17" flat screen samsung synchmaster 753df but I would like bigger. :) I would like to also keep crt as LCD are nice but they are expensive and I have and seen ones that couldn't keep up w/ games while refreshing.

hmm... ok so I think thats enough to start ... any help is greatly appreciated. :D

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I needed a monitor upgrade. I currently have a Unisys 15" CRT. I am asking for the Samsung 17-inch 753DF. I see that you have one.

I was wondering how good is it? Cuz its pretty cheap here $166CDN.
KDS and Viewsonic are excellent displays (I have a KDS XF-9e) and they are very flat. You can get them shipped for about $190.

Go here (a pricewatch search for 19" screens) and add the word "flat" to your search.

Personally, even though I have the KDS, I bought a Viewsonic when building a PC for a friend, and the overall picture is better on the Viewsonic.


You might also wanna have a look at the LG 910B (19") flat screen, does 2048x1536. Also BenQ have some nice flat CRTs (the 19" one got Editors Choice in APC here in Australia).


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the beige...

I did;nt realise they made a black and silver in the 19 as well.. at least not @ my local store...

they had a 17 incher that was black and silver...

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