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Ok, I want to go 64 bit with Athlon, what in all of your experiences with the 64 bit what would be the best choice? I have a Antec tower with 400w supply. I want the 8x agp slot. I like ATI graphic cards. So i will upgrade that also. All of your suggestions will help me decide on both the mobo and g card. Gigabyte, Soyo, Abit, Asus? Trying to keep the costs down but there again whats my best bang for the buck? :confused:
Thanks frogg_mann
All motherboards that support the athlon 64 chips will have AGP 8x or pro so don't worry about that.
You should probably go with socket 939, but those are very expensive
You could go with socket 734 (is that right? lol) but AMD is not releasing any more 64-bit chips on that platform. (Only Sempron or something, only 32-bit)

You might want to wait to upgrade the system for PCI-Xpress platforms to arrive and settle for the athlon-64 platform.

my opinion of course. :D
thank you w00kiec00kie,
When are the PCI Xpress platforms suppose to hit the market? Are any dates set yet or has Athlon set and dates for release? Is what i meant to say.That makes sense to me on waiting. If its not to long i suppose i will. :cool:
:rolleyes: Thanks wookiecookie, Yur suggestion was cool. I Kinda thought there were a few more 64 bit heads here that would jump on the help wagon. I guess the wait till the PCI xpress platform comes out answer was the hapz. I'll do some research on that pup and get back at you all, i reckon. :cool:
Might be a bit late here, but I'd recommend Socket 939, as all AMD CPUs based on that socket type will support dual channel memory and have better HyperTransport support (some kind of FSB, but apparently better).

So the motherboard I'd recommend is Asus A8V Deluxe along with AMD Athlon 64 NewCastle 3500+. That should meet your needs for now, as that's extremely fast. In total, it'll probably cost $400 - $500, which seems fair enough to me.

Edit: Or you could just wait a couple of months and then decide again. 64 bit technology will be more advanced by then. :)
I came back around to see if there were any more posts, and see there are. I think im going to put the mobo on hold for a few more months and check out the PCI-X and do some more research into that platform. Thanks to all who chipped in to help.
frogg_mann 8)

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