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New Mobo Same Problem, Help!

Hi all

Got New Mobo 2day, it fixed my usbs problems, however wen i use the Nvidia Demos, Ogre or Dawn Ultra on the 5950 Ultra, snow like artifacts appear, and then i get a power/ Heat warning flash, i never got warnin on old mobo but i got the artifacts, im usin 69.93 drivers. I Hoped new mobo would fix the problems, im gettin a temp of 91 wen no 3d is on, and 125 (In the red) when runnin the demos. Should i have the 5950 Ultra sent bk to PNY, i sent me 5800 Ultra bk wen it showed worse artifacts. The Ati card i have 9250 works fine in the system tho.

please help



X2 & Lovin' It
well PNY is known to have some weird artifacts shown on certain demos (google some stuff up) and then again i dont think PNY is such a good brand

i suggest you send that thing out and get something better than PNY like BFG is good and so is some of the ABIT stuff really cheap on PriceGrabber.com
only thing is i sent my 5800 ultra back to them cos it had artifacts, now ill end up sendin this probably, The temp at mo is ova 100! n its not doin anything, Fans r movin n the side pannel is off, Rest of pc is around 40. I asked 4 refund last time but they sed they cudnt. n too b honest i dont have the money to go out n buy new card, but surely they have to refund me if its 5 yrs warranty n they cant give me a card, the 5950 ultra was last Fx card they had i was told. I Refused the 5900 NU
i Emailed PNY Last night and have had no reply, However i did check the Graphics card Temp this morning, it started at 60 and rose very quickly to 80, i checked it when i came home before and its 100! its been doin nothin. Had no 3d apps runnin today at all. Its not my case cos everything else is between 30-60
on your motherboard, if u have asus probe installed. check your 3.3 voltages to make sure its not over powered. if too much power is going into it then it will get hotter.

anouther thing is that if your system mem cant hold all the dextures due to bad mem it will force them on the card. if you can download memtest86 burn it to a cd. and then boot from it and test your mem to see if there is a problem there.

if thoes are fine then rais your tone with PNY in emails and call there support # if you can. when people rais there tone more things get done.
Same problem in 2 different computers, tried it in the otha one before, im gona phone pny! this is so annoyin, i just want a refund now
You won't get a refund, but if you annoy them enough you should be able to get a 6800 if there is nothing equal to or better in the 59xx series. It worked for a buddy of mine after he had 3 PNY's crap out on him.

I've seen a really bad trend with the Nvidia stuff from GE4 through the 59xx series. Bad thermal design and low reliability. It was so bad I switched to ATI. The Nvidia 68xx family appears to have gotten past the problem.

Note. PNY was the worst of the Nvidia vendors for relaibility. They are probably using an inadequate cooling solution.

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