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New MobileAdmin 1.8 - remote server management platform for IT professionals.

Alex Semenov

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MobileAdmin 1.8 to Help You Control Servers Remotely via Mobiles, Smart Phones and PAD, Anywhere and Anytime.

ZZZ Software today announced the release of version 1.8 of MobileAdmin, the remote server management platform that enables IT professionals to have a full control over servers and network appliances through any mobile device. With the round-the-clock access to network performance data, clients will quicker respond to network failures and minimize server down time which will eventually lead to the reduction of emergency-related expenses.

Our customers can efficiently manage networks anytime from virtually any place, even if it is thousands of miles away from the server. Our JAVA and Desktop clients feature a comprehensive command menu that helps administrators perform such routine tasks as viewing event logs, starting and stopping services, rebooting computers and much more. Client/Server interaction is secured by the high command encryption level. Thanks to the emergency notification system, the MobileAdmin server can send network failure reports so that the administrator can instantly address problems.

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