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My wife and I are planning on switching to mac's for 95% of the time...I know, I've been a Micro$oft fan for years but I'm finding the errors of my ways. We have an iBook G4 14" which we're really happy with.
So, instead of dumping the cash to upgrade/BUY all new parts for my PC, we're considering buying another mac. We have NEVER had ANY problems with our current iBook and have had SOOOO many with our PC.
Our current debate is between the iMac Mini or a G5 of sorts. We Really would like to spend less than a grand and are liking the prices of the mini's. I'm keeping my PC for my gaming needs and are planning on using the new mac for everyday use. Our laptop we will use as our travel mac. With all of the external hardware that is out there we really aren't too worried about drives of any sort if we go the route of the mini. We just want a computer that we can rely on day in and day out.
Any suggestions? And with those suggestions where's a good place to get a great deal aside from eBay? Thanks ahead of time.


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#2 has a refurbished section of their store which has some pretty good prices for the hardware.

Also, if you want something cheap, for $500 you can get a brand new Mac Mini, all you need is your own screen, keyboard and mouse.

Mac Mini - $500
USB Keyboard - $79
Microsoft LaserMouse - $50

22" widescreen LCD - $300

That is less than a grand, and it is an awesome setup.


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the best part about the apple re certified department is that the apple care is the same price.


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I already have all the additional hardware. 20" LCD Dell monitor, Laser mouse, and bluetooth keyboard. I like using Garage Band due to it's simplicity, but I also have a licensed version of Pro Tools as well. I know the G5 towers can handle that no problem, but how about the mini's? I have a usb mixer so that wouldn't be an issue either. I think I'm leaning towards the mini from what I've been reading.


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The Mac Mini with the Core 2 Duo will do just fine. I have a Core 2 Duo in my laptop, and it handles the pro tools beautifully!

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