New Laptop wont pick up router wireless signal

I recently bought a Medion Celeron 350 Notebookwhich is a great kaptop. I am having problems as it wont pick up my wireless signal so i can go on the internet with my laptop. I have a PC with wireless network adapter and thats work i cannot figure out why this wont work.

Also it picks up a nother wireless connnection,

Can anyone help...

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they ship with wireless disabled for security, you have to turn the wireless card on


I see it picks up other signals

did you right click the internet icon to view abailable networks?
I ahve viewed available and it is not picking up my home network in anmyway shape or form. And i am guessing that the wireless card must be on as it is finding another wireless network.

Some AP's have the security feature not to broadcast the SSID. Ensure that this option, if available, is not turned on, otherwise it would never appear when looking for networks.


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I've managed to set up the wireless router on my desktop pc and it's working fine. The problem is with my laptop. I have a 3com wireless card in it which seems to be working but when I try to access a site using the Internet Explorer browser it won't connect to any website. I'm not very technical and it's a nightmare.


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It is a 2 step process to connect to the internet over a network.

1) Connecting to the network.
Click Start (bottom right of screen), then click Control Panel, then click Network Setup Wizard. When it asks how you connect choose the middle option (This computer connects through a residential gateway or through another computer on the network). Once you complete the wizard Internet Explorer should be working.

There is also a Wireless Setup Wizard under Control Panel in case your 3Com card did not come with a setup CD. You did run the 3Com wireles setup right? If not that should be step "0". Some wireless cards require their own setup CD (mine) and some will work with the windows built in setup.

2) If IE is not working - Make sure everything in internet explorer setup is correct:
Open internet explorer and off the menu bar at the top choose:
Tools-Internet Options-Connections
Click on Setup and follow the Wizard instructions

It gets ugly here depending on how your Internet provider operates. One of the steps will be whether to dial a number or use your LAN connection.

Choose "Connect through a Braodband connection that is always on" the frist try. If that works you are done. If not you have to find out if your Internet provider uses PPPOE or some other annoying protocol.

If your wireless router is not connected directly to a broadband modem (DSL or Cable) then life gets more complicated. Post back for more instructions then.
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