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New keyboard recommendations...


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Hello all,

I am in the market for a new keyboard and am wondering if anyone has any good suggestions. It must be standard layout, USB or PS/2 connection is fine. It should be a Windows keyboard, I would prefer it not be wireless, doesn't matter if it's multimedia or not, and the most important feature it should have is that the lettering, numbers, and symbols on the keys should never wear off, ever. I find that so annoying. Many thanks (and reps of course) to anyone who knows of a good one.



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well.... not sure if it's what you're looking for entirely, but i got one a couple months ago, and i gotta tell you.... it has to be the most comfortable keyboard i've ever used..... it quite quiet, haven't noticed any letters wearing off or even fading, and i use my computer a LOT.


Yes... it's ergonomic, but i tell you.... i never want to go back to a standard keyboard again. it's much more comfortable to have my arms on the arm rests of my chair and type, since your hands are further apart than usual and slightly tilted inward. I can't stand having to use a standard keyboard now.... even for a minute or two. just gets irritating. It's also quite nice for gaming, although it may take a little bit of getting used to, since the layout of the keys is slightly angled, but once you get used to it, you practically don't notice it's ergonomic.

If you even want to just try it and see if the feel is to your liking.... see if you can find one at a Best Buy that may be near where you live. it's the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. HIGHLY recommend it here.

edit: see.... LA knows what i'm talkin 'bout. lol.


The One and Only
not only looking, but feeling. even has nice padded palm rests, and the little riser thing that's at the front of the keyboard is removable (sucks i had to take it off..... stupid keyboard drawer). You can customize the 5 numbered keys at the top of the keyboard to do just about anything, from open a game.... to go to any website you want. It's just one helluva keyboard, and too damn good to pass up on.
I'm still re-learning my touch typing skills around that big wedge of a gap but it really is a dream to use :)

I just need to get a better desk now to that I have something to support my mouse hand with. Using a copperhead with nothing but air under your arm gets painful after a while.
My wife and I both have carpal tunnel and got the MS Ergonomic 4000 for our computers. Love em, and they don't take as long to get used to as you might think! For something more compact (or if you just can't stand the split), I recommend the MS 2000 keyboard. Many of the same features, but it doesn't have that comfortable rise in the middle and not as many buttons, but still comfy, quiet, and small.

As a side note, I LOVE memory foam wrist rests.


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Thank you all for your prompt responses. I have decided to go with the Logitech originally suggested by kcnychief. It seems to suit my needs the best. Don't get me wrong Elemental, the MS ergonomic is nice too. Thanks again everyone.

Sazar: from what i've heard, they still don't have a final design for it.....

LA: didn't take me long at all. the only part that's relatively difficult is the number keys..... but i was never really that great with them anyway.
only thing i'm not too fond of with the Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 is that it doesn't have a USB hub. granted it's not necessary... still nice to have it. my old MS keyboard (think it was an Internet Keyboard Pro or something.... a keyboard they apparently forgot they ever made since more recent versions of the intellitype software didn't even show it) had 2 USB ports at the top edge of the keyboard near the wire. used to have my printer plugged into it. lol.

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