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New Kerio Firewall


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It looks as if this version is the default one now, and is no longer Beta. I put it on, but whilst browsing this site I kept locking up. I removed it again and am browsing without trouble.
Yes, yesterday was the official release date for the the new Kerio Firewall to the international community.

The Kerio developers are available via the Kerio forum if you have been having problems.

Perris Calderon

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wow...I'm haaving a whoooole lotta trouble with this veersion

the service keeps shutting down, and keeps trtying to restart itself with failure.

all traffic is blocked, and I have to reboot in order to shut kerio down before itr bugs out...onceit bugs, there's no controlliong it

I;ll get to their forum tomorrow...I'm with my dad right now in vegas

I'd get rid of it, but it does have this that sandbox going for it, doesn't it
but man, this new version si giving me trouble


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It's good to know I wasn't the only one having trouble with this new version. I've uninstalled it, and am now trying the 'free' version of Zone Alarm. However, when I installed it yesterday, I couldn't shut down my computer until I disabled it, after which my computer shut down OK.


Originally posted by NetRyder
How odd...it's working perfectly for me. Guess that's a good thing. :)
Updated from the previous version via auto-update.
It worked good for a while, but for some reason it started using 99% of the processor resources and crashing my PC. I think it might have been a software conflict or something ..
I used Sygate for two years up until this morning. This new Kerio version gives you a ridiculously high level of control and information about everything. I love it! I have the ability to stop programs from even running at startup, even if they re-install themselves. HAHAHAHA SCREW OFF CREATIVE LABS APPS. I WIN!


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I have a Harware Firewall on my Modem/Router, and some tell me that I don't need a Software Firewall as well. However, I really cannot see how a Hardware Firewall, can protect my computer, without ever needing updates. Software Firewalls update constantly.

Perris Calderon

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you do need a software firewall to tell you what is trying to access the internet from your computer.

People used to say the hardware firrewalls were better protection then the software firewalls.

everyone in security that I know now says the hardware is not enough.

in ither words, you are correct
The bottom line is NAT based routers do not filter traffic and are not firewalls as such. A actual hardware firewall is plenty but SOHO routers are just NAT devices and are not firewalls.

They stop only unsolicited incoming connections. Any traffic originating from your system will be unrestricted and thats why you would want a software firewall on the client system.


Yip .. A Nat Router will keep things from going in (because of the ports it blocks). But it will not keep things from going out - This is why you need a software firewall as a hardware firewall .. If you are'nt to paranoid though, a nat router is all you really need :)

I wish they would come out with a siftware that will allow you to adjust the setting from the built in firewall like you would any other firewall though .. Then you would have the best of both worlds .


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I am sure you guys will understand the following better than me, but my Hardware Firewall is supposed to be a business class Firewall and is described as:-

True Firewall using Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and Intrusion Control features Denial of Service protection from hacker attacks, while VPN (Virtual Private Network) pass-through permits secure access to your office or corporate network and enables you to host VPN services. Content filtering lets you control access to inappropriate web sites and limit usage by time of day. Logs browsing activities and provides optional e-mail alerts so you can monitor access. DMZ support allows unrestricted access from the Internet to one computer (for hosting web services).

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