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new kazaa k++


Dabba Dooba
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it sucks first of all. Also when i click on a song it opens windows media player to play it. whats wit that i and it wont read some of my files and all this crap. I liked the version before it can anyone give me a link to the last version?
the regular kazaa is crap. i use kazaa-lite. but with the recent riaa events, i will curb that use

post edited... no need to mention where one gets warezed products... we are here to discuss applications... lets keep it to that please... thanks... Sazar


The new K-lite has a built in IP blocker and also removes your IP from you shared songs.


The One and Only
foxrider, that must be a setting in kazaa that wasn't right. i've been using version 2.4.1 for a little while now and everything works fine. don't seen any other reason for it to open WMP to play music.
why is it that since i got 2.4.1 when i try to d/l songs and listen to them they make like a weird ass noise or something. can i atop this from happening?


Boogie Nights...!
Originally posted by Napalmnthemorni

I use to use KL+++ but I got really tired of fake files and virus's so I switched to emule. It has a built in ICH (intelligent Corruption Handling" no more _ull_hit...

"Stealther is described as a proxy program that helps enhance your anonymity and safety while surfing the Internet. In reality it's nothing more than a worthless clickthrough/advertising trojan. Instead of enhancing anonymity and security it phones home and "registers" your IP address, exchanges information, and then proceeds to secretly visit various porno and other sites with your IP as it racks up advertising dollars for the author. Not once does it notify users of its actions or offer them the choice of opting out.

After seeing this POS trojan in action I though I might try to salvage something useful by at least capturing the location of its proxy list. After it phones home it also retrieves a current proxy list from their site. It turns out their list is about as worthless as the program itself. It contained a grand total of 31 proxies. Of which 27 were dead and 4 were transparent. What a joke. If you care to check it out for yourself here's the links."

Just read this on another site...perhaps we should stear clear of this one!
Where is the link. I appreciate up the headsup if this is true. I've seen no evidence of Stealther 2.7 being a backdoor scanner.
Are you thinking of "trojan stealther".

What application/IP addresses should I be looking for in my traffic view in Sygate Personal Firewall Pro?

I have run Ad-Aware 6.0 Professional, Webroot SpySweeper and Spywareblaster, and I am up to date on my definitions. I have not picked up Stealther 2.7 as Spyware, or has NAV picked it up either.

Can anyone else confirm this?


the latest incarnation of K++ has been working fine for me, it plays files in it's media player.

I'd try reinstalling


Dabba Dooba
Political User
yeah it works fine but i dont like how media player comes up if double click on the name. when i just press play it dont. is there a why to stop this??


I'm using K-Lite 2.1.0 with the kazap ad-on. I didn't like any of the versions that came after that, especially 2.4.1
What do you guys download with Kazaalite anyway. I stopped using that months ago because I got so tired of fake files and viruses. How is KL for d/l music and has anyone received any warning recently regarding the d/l of music or DVD's...

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