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New iMac


F@H - Is it in you?
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It's the same as before, with more metal and less thickness.

/me slaps self on head

And it's just as limited in upgrade choices as before.

Besides, am I the only one who thinks the keyboard design is not ergonomic and will likely feel as numb as the apple notebooks keyboards?

I am all for the "thin is better" mantra, but this just seems a little daft. Tactile feel is very important.
The new keyboard looks nice too, looks like the MacBook keyboard which I just love. Man the new wireless ones too, now one of them be mighty tempting

Sazar: My laptop keyboard has plenty of tactile feedback. Though I've never really cared all that much about tactile feedback so long as something works.
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After reading the new specs on it. I am going to purchase one for sure. It looks beautiful. waiting to see if the mac mini changed.
The mini has been refreshed, by the way.

It has a Core 2 Duo processor, memory up to 2GB and a hard drive up to 160GB.


F@H - Is it in you?
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Muzi :D See, the mini has been "refreshed" and we have a "new" iMac :smoker:


Geffy, I type a LOT for work and for my business administration classes, so for me, having good tactile feedback is very, very important ;)

I'll have to play around with the keyboard and see if it is mushy or if it is a decent setup.


Act your wage.
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Muzi :D See, the mini has been "refreshed" and we have a "new" iMac :smoker:
There is no design change in the mini, so it's a refresh. The iMac has significant design changes inside and out, so it's a whole new generation.


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Funny how they need Intel to boost it up and, dare I say, make it more competitive. Oooo, it's sooo pretty outside. But it's brains are not Apple's any more. Oh the shame of it all.

Who's brain did I put in? Abby Someone. Abby Someone? Abby Normal... !?!?! You're telling me...

You can remember the rest. :p


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and the powerPC processors are actually exceptional processors. They had some issues with power and heat and ramping to higher clock speeds which is what drove Apple to the x86 architecture.

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