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New hulk trailer


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Originally posted by blinden
okay... is it just me, or does this movie look REALLY BAD???

the special effects look cheesy, it just looks... bad.
the special effects look a lot better than I first remember it..

also ang lee changed a few things around to make the story more in line with the original story...

I am a fan of tech and though less psyched about the movie than I was when it was first revealed to the world I will probably still watch it.. AFTER the matrix though :D

don't even ask me about anything till the matrix comes out...


I'm sorry Hal...
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Personally I think it looks fantastic, looks very much like the comic (except for the plot) which is why i think some people don't like the look of it, because its so far beyond normal. All the other superheros are essentially human looking and the Hulk is just to different not to stand out by a mile. Just my opinion though.

I shall be seeing it as soon as it comes out, before or after the matrix, whichever comes first

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