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New Egg Vs Tigerdirect


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Ok i have always bought from tigerdirect, but tonight i thought, "hey i'll look at these items on newegg", and low and beyond the total price for all the items i was looking at where $200 cheaper with tax and shipping.

All i can say is i'm switching to newegg, maybe i'll look at tigerdirect some times, but god damn if new is cheaper.

Just had to share this.


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Yeah not only is newegg cheaper sometimes BUT more important to me is the speed they ship. Even w/ standard shipping they have my order on my doorstep in 3-4 days tops (I've had stuff in shorter time).


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If you want really good deals on stuff then TigerDirect is good like if you get the their email deals there are deals there are really good otherwise shop around
Yeah, occassionally Tiger Direct has some really good deals. Newegg has some pretty good prices generally. But it seems recently, their prices have been going up. I think they are trying to cover the cost of their new site design they are working on.


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Yeah, Newegg's prices have gone up slightly but there service is next to none. SO fast.
I miss Essential Computers (www.essencompu.com) they had some great deals and free shipping. Great site layout and the whole 9 yards.... they just dissapeared one day, broke my heart. :(

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Yep Newegg is where I buy from alot anymore there fast and it's in stock
" what I order anyway" Tiger is getting slow and the prices aren't that good anymore.

One place I like to buy software from now (just ordered another XP pro Disk and had it in two days) is Vio software. I have never had a problem with Vio in three year I have delt with them.



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zipzoomfly all the way. I used them way before I even heard of newegg.com, but way back then they were called googlegear.com and had to change their name to zipzoomfly for the obvious legal reasons. Almost all of their stuff is sent Free 2nd day. Takes less time for them to pack the stuff and less time for it to arrive. Newegg has more of a selection but zipzoomfly doesn't have the price fluctuations newegg has and more often than not has prices cheaper than newegg.com.

I use Newegg but will always choose zipzoomfly first. Tigerdirect could be the spawn of satan as far as I'm concerned
If I have to mail order I go to newegg.

But, I haven't mail ordered in a year. Between Compusa, Frye's, Best Buy, Office Max, Office Depot and Staples I can always beat the mail order deals locally. Someone will always put what I need on sale within 2 weeks. And no return / exchange hassles.


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Nothing will beat newegg.com, the place rox. I bought all my stuff from them and never had a problem. They are very prompt and on the ball. They waste no time :)

I think to date I probably spent close to 2,000.00 from them .....

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