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new Core 2 Duo system advice

I've always had systems with AMD chips from K5 onwards but I really like the sound of these new intel chips so I'm going to go for it but I need some advice on mobos.

My system plan was to get an AMD AM2 with an Asus M2N32 Deluxe but that has now gone out of the window. Can anyone suggest a decent mobo? I have no plans to oc the system. I looked at the Asus P5B Delux or P5W DH Deluxe but I could really do with some ideas. Is it better to wait and get an NVidia chip mobo? I'm looking at either a 7900 or 7950 graphics card.

I'm looking at mid August at the latest to get this system built

Also on a side note I'm planing on getting a 74 gig raptor for the system drive and using my existing DiamondMax plus 9 for storage.

If anyone can pick my ideas apart and give me a better system I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance
Intel D975XBX aka "Bad Axe" is currently the best Core 2 bored available. You can stump for that or wait a few more weeks and see what else pops up.

The only "built for conroe" chipset so far is the i965 but that does not offer dual pci-e video options.

Edit: Always buy Intel chipsets for Intel CPU's, for best results.


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Intel released a bios update for its D975XBX motherboard on July 14th that offers support for the new Core 2 Duo processors. Once the new bios are applied you are good to go and ready to install one of the new processors.


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Per the grapevine, the R600 based chipset from Ati is going to be the best performing (at least initially) chipset. Consider that if/when you buy your setup.

Else just get an intel board, they have high quality stuff.

The DFi 590 board has been getting a lot of buzz so that too is an option :)
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Thanks for the help guys. The only problem with those boards are they are all crossfire boards, apart from the DFI and I can't find anything about it on the net, is it available now?

Anymore mobo recomendations??

Also ATI X1900 or Nvidia 7900 or if compatable with mobo 7950GX2??
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