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New cool winamp plugin !! :)


Killzone & BeatHarness
In my sparetime I have made a winamp vis-plugin;
I made it use scripts for effects and transitions,
so people can make their own new effects 'n stuff if they want.

It uses textures, videos, live camera-input etc.
(so you can throw your own images & videos in the right directories and they will be used instantly by the effects)

you can find it at www.beatharness.com

If you try it, please let me know what you think of it !!
(Comments & suggestions are very welcome, after all I want it to become the best winamp plugin ever ofcourse :))


Killzone & BeatHarness
Glaanieboy said:
Neat :D

edit: No wait

Damn (got a GF3 ti200 :cry: )
Uh, I pulled those recommendations out of my **** :)
It works fine on a 400Mhz with a GForce1 32Mb here,
I just have to lower the resolution a bit..

I basicly put that down so people wouldn't start complaining that it doesn't run at 40FPS on their Voodoo 1 ;)
So just install DirectX 9 and you should be fine :)

Update - Right now I'm working on a control-panel so you can have some live-input on the effects (with multi-monitor support - fullscreen display on the videobeamer, control-panel on the 2nd monitor :)),
and I'm trying to get support for content-packs in.
That way you can have different sets of scripts/images/videos to match your taste :)

For example Ambient-, Drum&Bass, Techno, Psy-trance, Disco-style packs :)
(And the ability to tell BH to use 1 or more of those configurations at the same time)

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