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New Computer build crashes on boot


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So I just built the machine below, everything went great, win7 n installed fine, did all drivers from intel, installed some of their programs from the mobo install disk, then i did windows updates and walked away.

I came back 30 mins later and the machine is just sitting at the "windows did not shut down properly" screen, i hit "start windows normally" it starts to boot then the pc just shuts off.

Ive restarted it numerous times, it gets to the windows loading logo then the machine turns off and restarts.

My cpu was running at 51c is that high for this cpu?

I then went to install windows again and its crashing, which leads me to believe its a hardware not software issue. Any ideas?

I just checked my current i5 2500k and its running around 30c at idle and 48c on full load.

By the way high guys long time. :)

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Yes, 51 C is hot. My similar system is running 37 C with light activity and stock HSF. But it's not hot enough to cause crashes.

Go into BIOS at boot. find and select default settings or better yet something like "safe settings" name will vary with MB.

Make sure all of the required BIOS options for any special features are enabled. Shouldn't be an issue since I did not see any special hardware in your post.

Format the HD and start over.

Do not walk away! If th einstall hangs and needs help it may time out and go on with wrong info/drivers.
Read and follow the MB install readme.

Make sure you have the MB Install DVD handy. Some drivers will not be available from auto search or in Windows.

I just built a similar system last fall and I did have to interact with the process and find some drivers manually.

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