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New Case/Power Supply


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heh, my roomates and their damn cases/power supplies

this time one of em bought a new case/ps off of ebay
upon receiving it he swapped out his parts and put em in the new case
i checked everything out and it looks good

plugged everything in, turned it on, hit power button

fans run for maybe .5 seconds and the thing stops...

hitting the power again results in nothing
have to turn power off and back on in order for it to power for the .5 again.


Not to much to go wrong in an atx case, I had a similiar problem after installing one of those copper cpu shims it must have been to thick and not letting the heatsink touch the cpu it made my boards thermal protection shut it down same type of deal it shut off as fast as u hit the button almost. So try checkin the heatsink,or the connections from the case to the board......good thing i had thermal protection of that $6 shim could took out my cpu and or board ;/.

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I am willing to bet that he didn't hook the main CPU fan back up right. Many MB's have auto-off's built into them. If they don't detect a fan then they power down. Make sure that the fan is plugged in right and to the correct header.
Sounds too fast for a thermal turnoff. To short for the mobo to get a reading from the fan. Sounds more like an auto-shutdown in the PSU due to over current or something. May be a faulty PSU. May be something faulty connected to it. That's my guess anyway.

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