New Card out 8800 GT Sweet price/perform


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Nvidia finally put a real mid range card out there. Performance exceeds the 8800 GTS and approaches the 8800 GTX and the card is priced in the $250-300 range at newegg.

Includes HDCP hardware decode, DX10, 512 RAM. Single slot card with good noise and reduced heat.

The 256 RAM version is due out also. It should come in in the low $200's. ATI is in big trouble again.

It can handle Crysis fairly well. Benchmarks on Tomshardware.

Anyone want to rush out and buy this so we can find out if it's as good as it sounds?

I think after 2 years of waiting I've found my new card. :)

And crysis may be the game to get me to actually buy it.
I'm going to buy the 1GB when they come out and move my current GTS 640 into my wife's computer.

AMD is finished.
Edit: And that makes me sad in the long run. But happy in the short term because I get an affordable card that is awesome.
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I hear they are bumping up the specs on the GTS very soon, should make things nice and confusing.

Great SKU tho.


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They are bumping the GTS up to pretty much match this at 112 stream processors. Not sure why but oh well.

Great cards with a little bit of Overclocking will exceed a GTX "Rumors" at the moment though.

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