New build- looking for advice

I have a new build on order and was wondering if anyone has advice on things I could or should change before the build is complete....

Intel DH55TC Mobo
i5 760 2.8 GHz
Ati 5770 card
8 GB DDR 3 1333MHz
500 Watt psu
Windows 7 home premium
500 GB sata 7200 rpm

I would appreciate any advice....


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Hi Crackerman,

A little more info would help people out..

Things like - what your budget is.. what you plan on using the computer for.. etc..
Hi fitz,

I will be using the comp a lot for photoshop and photography related stuff... hooking to my tv and stereo for surfing and watching hd content online and I also am really new to pc gaming and wanted a machine that I wouldn't have to upgrade in 2 months to play the newer games out there...

Budget isn't really a huge issue per say but I didn't want to go too crazy only to find myself not gaming at all in a couple of months...

The mobo and the power supply are the things I am wondering about the most... I hear the 5770 is a power hog so I'm wondering if 500 watts is safe enough....

The build is coming in at 1100.00 taxes in (12%) so I don't think in that respect its a bad price for what I'm getting but I could be wrong on that too :)


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I'd go with an enthusiast board, not an Intel board, but that's just me. Also, at that price, you might was well splurge for a high quality PSU. Seasonic 80+ recommended.


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A 500W supply is certified for use with the 5770. It is not near the power hog the better video cards are.

It looks like a balanced parts list for a solid middle level PC. If you think you might want to increase performance in the future a 550-600W supply would be a better choice. $10 bucks more now will save you $60 in the future.


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I would definitely spring for an SSD to use for an OS drive. 60 - 120 GB's would be perfect and if you shop around you should be able to find an OCZ drive or something for a pretty decent price. An SSD is probably the biggest upgrade you could give yourself in that build, they are totally worth the money imo, especially if you are going to be using photoshop and doing other heavy lifting you will want the disk IO to get those images loaded into memory faster, etc.


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I'm not sure it's really all that worth it to get a SSD at this point in time. Yes, they are extremely fast.... but you're still paying quite a bit over $100 for even a 60GB drive... especially if you want one that'll keep the pace. I used to have my OCZ Core v2 30GB SSD in my desktop as a boot drive for a bit.... but it just didn't cut it for me. Not only was the space a downside.... but it just didn't really seem to do anything for me. Granted it's not one of the Vertex 2's or anything like that where both the read and write speeds are damn near peaked at the top of the capabilities of SATA2..... but 170MB/s read - 98MB/s write is still quite a bit more than you'd expect from most hard drives.

Not saying i wouldn't EVER consider one.... but i really think that prices have to drop considerably before i do. I could see a nice fast 100GB SSD being reasonable around $100..... being roughly $1/GB.... but they're just not close to that. Up to around the 60GB mark at this point is remotely reasonable..... Kinda tempted to get the Vertex 2 60GB they have on Newegg for $136, which is relatively reasonable... and even on the low end of the spectrum for 60GB SSD's surprisingly. But the jump to 100GB more than doubles the cost.


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Well he said that cost isn't a huge concern, and while yes SSD's are more expensive it would offer a VERY noticeable change in system responsiveness. The SSD you are describing offers no more performance then a really fast physical spinning disk. Modern mainstream SSD's (OCZ, Patriot, Intel products, etc) offer speeds easily double those numbers.

You can find 60 - 120 GB OCZ vertex's on sale all the time, and wouldn't break the bank. An SSD coupled with a high capacity spinning disk for mass storage and you are set.
the only HDD that comes close to even the OCZ Core V2 is the Velociraptor.... and even then.... it doesn't have nearly as quick of a seek time, nor does it have the advantage of having no change to the read/write speeds due to location on a platter. Hell, the V2 doesn't even have it's own buffer.

To be honest, i'd be more willing to wait for SATA3 SSD's.... where they'll more than likely be pushing 600MB's in no time flat. Granted those will probably be rather expensive at first, too... i think it'd be more worthwhile... but still probably not by much for most of what anybody would want to do with them. They already have SATA3 SSD's who's specifications quote a 400MB/s+ read speed.


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I went from a 74 GB Raptor to an OCZ SSD for my OS drive and I saw a huge difference. Not to mention it's completely silent, unlike a raptor. If you are going to wait for the next best thing then you will find yourself constantly waiting...

I say just get one now, and be happy with it. The additional bandwidth offered by SATA3, SAS or FC drives would hardly be noticeable to most users. However the price premium those drives will demand surely will be noticed.


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So.... in other words... you're saying that having a peak throughput of 600MB/s wouldn't be noticable to most people compared to 300MB/s? Kinda seems a little contradictory to the idea of you saying you noticed a HUGE difference between a Raptor and a SSD. pretty sure double the bandwidth is pretty huge.... moreso than what's possible between a raptor and a SSD.

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