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NEW BUILD for 2012


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Hello Everyone...

Well it has been a long time since I built a gaming PC and now I am in the process of getting the list of parts and pieces I will use to make my D3 machine. :laugh:

I will have $$$ burning my pockets as I head back to Afghanistan again, luckily for me this time for only three weeks.


Since I have been out of the PC building arena for a while, I have put the following list of items together (SEE BELOW ATTACHED THUMBNAIL)

I have also decided to O.C. this build so I will be including a CORSAIR H-100 water cooling system for just over $100.

Also, Im thinking about trying to future proof my investment by upgrading to SLI later, so I was thinking about possibly upgrading the PSU to either the larger 1200AX or the coolermaster 1200 SPG (Silent Pro Gold).

I have not done the numbers, so I dont know if the 850 will support the dual cards in SLI.

As for the SSD, I have been looking at the OCZ 64GB model, but there are alot of complaints about reliability. Are the newer Intel 520's really that much better? What is the price difference?

If you have ANy other items you think I may have overlooked, please chie in, I want all the items I need sitting at home waiting for me to get back and build my system and get cracking playing D3!!!

Look forward to everyones Ideas!


Mike A!


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If you have money burning holes all over ditch the 560 and grab a 680 :D
I COULD do that but I figured by the time I want to run SLI the 680's will have come way down and the 560Ti will run any game out there at Max settings so why waste the extra lamost $300 ...

I have a ton of questions above, and you hit me with the obvious...

Im hurt ... :cry: (j/k)


Mike A!


Woah.. I'm still here?
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If you have money burning holes all over.. build me a system too - I'll pay the shipping :)

That being said, unfortunately, I can't help you much. I've probably been out of the PC/game rig building for longer than you have. Too much work and family eating up too much time and budgets for me to build a new system let alone have time to play games anymore :(
The I7 is probably over kill for a gaming system. The I5-2500 currentlly holds the sweet spot for a gaming system. Take the $200 price difference and put it into a better video card so you don't have to upgrade to SLI later.

The risk to this approach is if they come out with DX 12,13,14, etc. But that will screw you with SLI also. (Yes, I'm whining about my DX 10 card and DX 11 games...)

850W should be plenty over kill for power. 200Wx2 for video, 120W for CPU + some chump change for the rest. 12V rail amperage and all the right connector types is more important.



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I hear you Fitz, my boy is now two (headed towards three in Oct) but big enough to be in 4T clothes, and is a climber with no fear of falling...

I am just building this rig for DIII (I have been waiting long enough) and any follow ons for the next 2-3 years...

Something tells me I am going overboard with just about everything, but last time I did that the rig I made made it almost 5 years without need for an upgrade, I am kind of hoping for the same thing here...

I will look at the overclocks for an i5 vs the lowest i7 and see the difference in performance gain versus cost savings and make my determination off of that.
One side note being the information listed below...

The Z77 Mobos (and corresponding 22 nm CPU's) were supposed to already be out... I know some of the Z77 mobos are already shipping but the ivy bridge cpus are delayed (yet again), so I am thinking LeeJend is right go with an i5 until the late May early June timeframes which were leaked by PC Mag.

I should be back in late May, so maybe I will just wait until the relase od the new CPU's to see how much the i5's and i7's drop in price before I make my purchases...

Guess I will need to see if my current rig will run DIII at all beofr emaking my final decision...

ANY Ideas are greatly appreciated...


Mike A!
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Just jump on the i7 and gtx 680 :) The GTX 680 is cooler, quieter and waaaaaaaaaaaay faster than the 560ti and will last you a good 5-10 years as long as it doesn't fail in the mean time.


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Anyone know why the i7's have yet to see any significant price drop???

I thought the new CPUs would have been released by now driving the older CPU's WAAAY down...


Mike A!

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