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new base unit

:confused: looking for advice from you wise gentlemen on which of type of processer to run my new base unit.I'm not into gaming but i do like to watch and listen to media etc,so which is it gentlemen athlon or pentium 4.look forward to your replies. :) :D


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prodj88 said:
yes i am a wise gentleman lol... if u are asking which processor type then i would definitely go with athlon xp and if u have money maybe the 64 bit version?

I agree, AMD is the way to go......if you want one that you wouldnt have to upgrade for some time i would go for a 2800+ XP....but if your budget permits go with a 64bit. the 3500+ is down to about $270 at newegg.com and you get a free newegg towel with it :p I love my newegg towel.....
newegg gives the most useless trinkets. one time i got this really heavy useless pen then another time i got this cube with a bubble christmas tree in it.
:) have ordered a new motherboard etc to build a base unit ,hope for delivery on thursday morning.i gone for the abit kv8pro and 64 bit 3000+,so with the 512 memory i'm hoping for a decent machine when finished. the other components are 120 gig hd and nec dvd rw .


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sounds like excellent budget decision with huge overclocking potential to me (if you are that way inclined!).....

if I had to make any criticism - it would be on the RAM - is that what you already had? Is it a single stick? It's just that if you want good overclockable RAM it helps to get paired sticks - and one gig is more where it is at these days, although you are probably fine....

Just to round the picture off - what graphics capability is slotting in there?
the ram that you enquire about would be 512 DDR ram it is in one stick ,the old ram from this machine is the old sdram (512),when i get some more money together i'll get another stick of 512 DDR ram.concering the graphics it is only a cheap one as i'm not into games (Mx4000 ).by the look of things i'll be getting this tomorrow (wednesday) :) hopefully up and running by this time tomorrow.
Well, I would complain about the ram. Athlon 64's like Low Latency ram. Also, isn't that board a Via chipset board? The Nforce3 boards are the best for overclocking.
But good decision on going with the Athlon 64s. What socket did you choose? 754, 939?
ARGH!!! you ordered a VIA CHIPSET MAINBOARD!!!!! ARGGGGH!!!!!!

Send it back and get an MSI Neo 2 Platinum using the Nforce 3.

nVidia is to AMD what intel chipsets are to Intel CPU's. The ONLY viable option.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
hehe - Lord, cut him some slack - he can learn this way ;)

(there speaketh one of the "wise men" with a Neo2 mobo... hehe)

Plus gotta say even with the Neo2 you WILL have early setup issues... I only just now have my SATA drive running my primary partition andI think it has been a month almost since I built the beast! :)
ahhh the SATA issue comes down to gettng yoour head around windows weirdness.

SATA is still very new and we ran into some issues with a 64 bit server with SATA RAID.

but yyweah I hae my nice 2 ton Neo2 looking pretty in my living room to I'm straight with banks enough to get the cpu.

Barclays screwed me over to the tuine of £150 and I cant prove a damn thing to get my money back :/
man u shud hav gone for an intel ,like a 3.0GHz pressy. i say intel cuz they r usually a lot better then AMD at content creating and media encoding and decoding, AMD is a better choice for gaming. anywayz gud luck.......
my........arent we being a grouch, Mr.LordOfLA. listen dude this aint the shakespeare club so a little sms speak is ok, if the mods say its ok then ill use it. thank you for your comments, even though its not appreciated. :(

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