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New and Hidden Tiger Features!


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While browsing different Mac forums I compiled the following list of new and hidden features in Tiger. Some are really nice gems!

Place your cursor over any word and press Cmd+Ctrl+D. It reveals a dictionary definition of the word. (This doesn’t work in Firefox.)

Cmd+Shift+4, then Cmd+Ctrl+D, then click on some text; the dictionary popup will remain active and follow your cursor until you click on the desktop or other non-text area.

When you click and hold a dock icon now (or right-click), it gives you a new option that says "Open at Login."

QuickTime 7 will play the video in the dock.

Screenshots are now saved as PNG by default, opposed to PDF in Panther.

Right-click is available in the Finder’s sidebar icons.

In the keyboard & mouse preferences, there is an option to make the function keys to control software features, with the function key used to change hardware features (volume, etc.)

If you hold down the "option" key while your cursor is in a text field it will turn into a cross hair that you can use to kind of draw a selection. This is real cool if you just want to grab a few words (a block of text) out of a paragraph.

When an alarm comes up, iCal displays more options for repeating the alarm.

Cmd+I on multiple items opens multiple Get Info windows. Cmd+Opt+I on multiple items opens one Get Info window with combined info.

You can view a slideshow of images directly from the Finder by selecting multiple images and going to the View menu to select the Slideshow option.

If you want to close widgets without first opening the sliding widget drawer, you can move your cursor over a widget, and pressing Option, a small circled x will appear over the selected widget.

In the MWSF demo, Steve cycled through the different Weather widget animations, you can do the same by Command+Option clicking on the icons. Invoking Dashboard again will reset the animation.

When closing a Dashboard Widget, hold Shift-Option then click the X to slooooooowly deflate and close the widget.

Numbers can be pasted into the calculator widget.

Cmd+R refreshes all widgets.

You can insert a “qualifier” into your search that will narrow the types of files Spotlight displays.
Example – Vacation kind:images

If you have lots of files in Spotlight results (ie lots of images) and choose to view them in a window list view, you don't have to click the i next to each one to get more information on them individually.
If you hold down the option key while you click on the first one (the i anyhow), the information for all of them will open in a long list format. Much easier to scan!

PDFs are opened directly in the browser.

You can choose to email a page or link.

Google Maps now works.


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I decided to make this one a separate post because it's more involved.

Placing multiple widgets on the desktop

You need to enable dev mode by opening a Terminal and typing:

defaults write com.apple.Dashboard devmode YES

then press Return, logout and log back in again.

To get a widget off of the Dashboard and onto your desktop, just do the following:
  • Activate Dashboard by pressing F12 (or whatever key you've assigned to Dashboard).
  • Begin dragging the widget.
  • Press F12 again, before letting go of the mouse button and drop the widget wherever you want.
You can repeat this for as many widgets as you like.

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