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new and dumb



Just got a computer with XP and I hate it!!
Have tried Help & Support but it don't work??
It keeps telling me I have messages but when I check my Inbox and then Get message is says no messages? Any ideas on that?
So I'll ask here!!

1)I have my home page in as my start up page but it keeps going to some redirect page!!

2) how do I learn to use web publishing wizard? I had Hot dog pro before. Do I need to download it again to update my web page?


I'm sorry Hal...
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for that messages in inbox problem download power toys then in TweakUI there is an option somewhere to reset it.

1) Depends on your ISP. i have mine set to nohome but when I log on to my ISP it pops their home page up to. So if its your isp then theres probably nothing much you can do about it

2) Yeah just download Hot Dog if you like using that, theres loads of ways publish your pages, so stick with what you like

Mister Zee

No offense dude, but I think you should get down with a cup of coffee and read "Windows XP for dummies" then "Internet Explorer for dummies". Everything you asked is so basic that it is stuff you should learn to get on your own. I'm not being mean, but you'll never learn if you keep asking this kind of basic questions. Learn to get the info yourself. These boards are supposed to be for more "advanced" stuff, or problems that can't be easily found.

Another thing, learn to use the search function on this board (in the bar on top).

Just giving you a friendly advice, don't take it personal.

Mister Zee

Originally posted by Lukas
Hey Zee...

havin' a bad day? :D

Hehe, I said it's nothing personal. I just remember the times when everybody was just shouting "RTFM!!" at me. I finally understand what they meant. You learn a lot better when you find it yourself, or at least TRY to find it yourself. You'll never retain anything if you keep asking everyone for stupid things waiting for the easy answer. That's what computers are all about!

I really didn't mean to be rude, and I know you're j/king :D



Thank you for your help!
Sorry to the other's, will not bother with anymore questions.
and I'm not a dude

Mister Zee


lol! Man, dude or whatever... If you take everything we tell you that personal, you'll never be able to get help on these boards. I said that for your own good. What you asked is some REALLY basic things. How to change the homepage can be found in the Help of Internet Explorer (the F1 key...) VERY easily.

I pressed F1, went to the Index tab, and typed in 2 words: "home page" then pressed enter. Well.. look what we got here! A Home Page section with a sub category called "Changing" for Changing Home Page of course.. I click on it, then click on Display, and BOOM! What do I have there? The instructions, written for dummies, on how to change the homepage in Internet Explorer!

That's the kind of "stuff you should do on your own first" I was talking about.

Ask ANYONE that is just a bit technical with computers, and they will ALL tell you that the best way to learn, is actually to TRY IT YOURSELF FIRST! If you keep asking for answers the minute you have a question, you might get some help on the spot, but 2 weeks later, you won't remember a thing and you will repeat the same question again.

I learned Windows by making it crash!! The more it would crash, the more I had to look for answers, and try stuff out. You don't even want to know how many times I've reformatted my PC!! I finally got most of it, and now I can help others with more advanced problems. It's just like maths: You can read formulas, and read as much theory as you want, but until you actually put it in practice with a contex, it's a LOT harder to grasp and understand, and espescially remember.

So if you took it that way, I'm sorry. But I'd rather be honest with you once, than seeing you ask the same basic question 5 times wondering why nobody's answering.

I just hope I didn't scare you. PC's are a HUGE world, you can't learn everything in a few weeks, it takes YEARS! and I'm far from done myself. What I said about the books for dummies was not a joke, I'm really serious!! They are really good books (the yellow cover, you know?), and you have stuff for beginners as well as more advanced users. You have to start somewhere, and that's the beginning. You were just skipping steps by comming here.

So if you have another question one time, and you DID take the time to look in the help, but didn't find anything, looked a little bit (at least) on the web, and didn't find what you were looking for, AND you did use the Search function on top of this page to see if your question has already been answered... THEN we will take pleasure to answer you the best we can, even if it's a basic question. But if you come here asking stuff when it's obvious that you didn't try a thing first, then we might be more prone to ignore you.

Anyway, I just hope you get the point without being too offended.


And for your information, the message thing.. There's a way to disable it. You need Powertoys for XP (linked on the front page) Use Tweak UI. And those messages are Hotmail messages, since it's linked to MSN Messenger, are you trying to get those messages? Or you're opening Outlook Express? And for the WPW question, I DID find a lot of stuff about it in Help and Support, maybe you should look a bit more carefully. If you want more advanced stuff on it, go to http://www.microsoft.com/technet and try to search for Web Publishing Wizard. That's all I'm telling you, that should be MORE than enough =P


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hey you guys...this is flaming if I ever saw....us diehards have to remember that not everyone has the tech mentality... kcthatsme
remember that there is always a learning curve to new programs and OS's...but food for thought if you get an error message do a search for it with google or something to get familar with what is happening or when you post cut and paste it to the thread so some of the diehard XP'ers can know what is going on...it is also helpful to list your PC specs too...but welcome to the board and don't get discouraged...takes time...and the rest of you remember the stupid questions being asked back in Oct...how many times did you have to tell someone that corp and the devil'sown were the same and yes there aren't any viruses in it...just relax...you don't have to answer questions if you don't want to.

:D so everyone take a deep breath and throw on some Bob Marley and relax:cool:
Only joking.

Kcthatsme,lighten up a bit,only having a bit of fun,I am only a novice myself,I have Idiots Guide and all sorts of books and magazines, but I have also been given brilliant advise in these forums for all kinds of probs,some of these guys are light years ahead of me when it comes to pcing,dont despair,keep asking.
Sorry to butt in but just incase you wonderd where these keys were

I have the famous f**k it button as well but kiddies might see it:p

Shamus MacNoob

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lolol was looking for that key since my days in win98 wait what is win98??

ps: read my sig its an inside joke

pps: nice to see someone locked that post by a certain someone with a broomstick placed in an area causing him to have a problem with Q&A


I have the same problem with the homepage!

Hi, I know I'm new, but I've been reading all over these forums to get some sense in to the XP installations I've done. And I must say there are a lot of things here that helped me out a lot!

On one of my computers it runs fine and no real big problems, but on my other computer the homepage in IE keeps changing to a certain homepage. I tried everything, just changing the homepage doesn't help, making it blank doesn't help, going into the registry and checking for a runonce or run command did not help either. I can't see a installation in the software applet of the configuration screen that could do this change, and yes I unhided all the software in the sysoc.inf file. Checked my computer on viruses, you never know, I had some and cleaned but it didn't help the changing of the homepage.

The homepage it's changing to is a www.skyinet.com page

So next thing is search the registry for this string and to my suprise it showed up in the following key:

[HKEY LOCAL MACHINE]\Software\microsoft\RAS autodial\Adresses

I emptied this whole folder which included a link to www.skyinet.com and a lot of others. After that I closed regedit, restarted the computer and voila no more changing of the homepage.

Still don't know exactly why it was doing it but this helped

Good luck

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