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New 44.03 FX Drivers...



I downloaded these, and installed them, except, they won't install. I uninstalled the previous drivers, (43.51), then rebooted, and installed the new ones by using the exe. Everything seemed fine, rebooted, and now my system is using the MS drivers. Did a manual install by updating the drivers, and I tried just using setup, and I get an error of 'access denied'.

Any ideas?


Now this is different...

I just tried to reinstall 43.51, and I got the same error. Now I am confused...

Shamus MacNoob

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Ok if I were you I would make sure you remove all traces of old drivers .... try this Driver Cleaner 1.4

Driverheaven 1st Anniversary Edition


And then try and install your drivers ... uninstall from add/remove programs first , then reboot and use the driver cleaner program ...and then you should be good to go
Do what Kermit says and remove traces of old drivers.And make sure your windows is upto date with patches...ie...SP1.

Make sure Driver Signing is set to "warn" not "block" how to check read THIS


Log on as Administrator ("access denied "sometimes comes with limited access set for other users).

Turn your anti-virus software off.

Delete the folder called Nvidia from here "C:" >it sometimes causes problems as everytime you run setup it unzips the driver to the same folder overwriting the last time<

Go to where you downloaded the 44.03 driver (you did get it from the Nvidia site...right ?). Unzip them to a temp folder (i use winrar) then update manually in Control Panel/ System/ Hardware/ Device Manager/Display Adapter, Highlight your card, right click/ Properties/ Driver/ Update Driver, Then tick install from list, next, tick Don't search i will choose, next, Then press Have Disk, then browse to the Temp folder you unzip them to then click OK, when it says windows hasn't signed then press Continue Anyway. and that's it reboot and enjoy.

Hopefully this will sort out your driver problem.

Ps..some driver cleaning tools in a thread just lower than this called "post your nvidia drivers in here"...on the last page.


I did all of that, and my Windows is fully updated. I managed to reinstall the Leadtek drivers to 43.45. I tried to reinstall 43.51 and 44.03 after that and still got the same error.


F@H - Is it in you?
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do you have a gf FX based core from nvidia ?

if not... the 44.03 drivers are NOT whql for your card... if your card is a gf FX based product than you are set... you do have whql drivers...

personally i would suggest if you are having problems with drivers... do as the above has suggested and use driver cleane rand use the 43.51 set which is whql for all nvidia cards AFAIK...
As Sazar says try the WHQL version 43.51 download it from HERE look under Nvidia drivers.

The other things i found are as follows.

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ENUM\P

Now right click on PCI and select “Permissions

Now highlight the SYSTEM entry, and make sure that “Allow” is selected for both Full Control, and Read

Now select the “Advanced” button, and in the “Advanced Security Settings” view, make sure that “Replace permission entries on all child objects …” IS selected, and that “Inherit from parent the permission entries …” is NOT selected

Hit “Apply”, then “OK”, and close the various Regedit dialog windows.

Go back to Device Manager, and Select “Reinstall Drivers”, and they should install OK.

Credit to :- Mokum (guru3d)


To manually install detonator drivers. Open Notepad and paste this:

expand -r *.??_
ren *.cf *.cfg
ren *.cp *.cpl
ren *.dl *.dll
ren *.ex *.exe
ren *.hl *.hlp
ren *.sy *.sys
ren *.tv *.tvp
del *.??_
del setup??.*
del *.cab
del *.bin
del *.hdr
del ikernel.*
del *.txt
del nvinstnt.dl
del pme*.*
del get*.*

now save it as something.bat in the driver's folder. It will extract files from the nVidia setup. Now upgrade drivers using the inf file on that folder.....credit to Mr. Unwinder and folks over at nvworld.ru.

And thats all i could find :confused:
Yes i know Sazar...are Nvidia stupid ?...dont they realise they always get caught out:rolleyes: ...its a shame that benchmarking software has so much clout that drivers have to be modified to acheive good scores......as long as my games run fast and look sweet i am happy ...stuff the scores....

I seem to have had the jump with Extreme tech Early thread but now its on the front page more peeps will read it.

Ps..is www.rage3d.com down cannot get on ?...maybe new drivers going up ?


Sazar, are you sure these are ONLY for FX based cards? I read on other forums that some people used these drivers with GF2 MX and had performance gains.

Im going to try them myself later today. I also have GF2 MX.


F@H - Is it in you?
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Originally posted by PlagueWielder
Sazar, are you sure these are ONLY for FX based cards? I read on other forums that some people used these drivers with GF2 MX and had performance gains.

Im going to try them myself later today. I also have GF2 MX.
I never said they are ONLY for FX cards... :)

I did say they are WHQL for FX cards only... ie microsoft has guaranteed the drivers meet their standards.. but only for the FX series of cores...

as for the performance gains... reserve judgement till a full report is released.. :)

there will undoubtedly be some performance increases but how these are achieved when it goes into the 30-50% range is the thing to look for... :)

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
The drivers work better it seems on the Ti line of cards, but have some problems for SOME people in vice city , as for performance I get a constant 20-30 fps more racing Nascar4 on line with these, and all our games look great Morrowind runs smoother, Diablo II lod looks great , NHL2002 smooth as silk and fast, I could go on but for me these drivers are GREAT!!!

As to the cheating to get better marks on the 2003mark benchies I dunno why they would do that ( if they did ) they will be found out and only end up hurting their own reputation.

But bottom line for the frog is THESE DRIVERS ROCK!!!

Delivers an incredible 30% increase in performance over previous Detonator 40.** drivers
BUT >> ".Performance results based upon GeForce FX 5600 Ultra running UnrealTournament 2003 Antalus flyby"

Wow advertising like that....and just on 1 part of a benchmark how do get away with it :huh:


F@H - Is it in you?
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Originally posted by BonyTony
BUT >> ".Performance results based upon GeForce FX 5600 Ultra running UnrealTournament 2003 Antalus flyby"

Wow advertising like that....and just on 1 part of a benchmark how do get away with it :huh:
it sounds better... :)

and everyone does it... so why not.. marketing will always be the same...

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
Date: 23 May 2003 13:33:38 -0000
From: Futuremark Announce <announce-admin@futuremark.com>
[ Add to Address Book | Block Address | Report as Spam ]
To: Futuremark Announce List <announce@smtp.futuremark.com>
Subject: 3DMark03 Patch 330 Released, Recommended for all users

We have released a new patch for 3DMark03. This patch updates 3DMark03
to build 330. We recommend all 3DMark03 users to download and install
the patch.

Download the patch here:

For more information of 3DMark03 and the 330 patch, please visit:

3DMark03 Patch 330 FAQ

Q: What does patch 330 do?
A: This patch produces correct and comparable 3DMark03 scores for all hardware.

Q: Was there something wrong with earlier builds?
A: No. However, we verified that recent NVIDIA drivers detected when 3DMark03
was running and then switched into a special mode, taking control from
3DMark03. This ultimately resulted in incorrect 3DMark03 results and made
performance comparisons between NVIDIA's and other manufacturers'
hardware impossible. Patch 330 changes 3DMark03 code in
trivial way so that these drivers are not able to detect when it is running.
For independent media analysis of the situation, please read
http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,3973,1086025,00.asp; and

Q: Can I use earlier builds at all?
A: We strongly recommend all users to download and install the patch, as
it is currently the only way to obtain correct and comparable results across
different hardware.

Q: Do scores change with the patch?
A: Yes. Although the actual workload in the benchmark is not changed at all,
we have noticed substantial performance score changes in NVIDIA hardware
and insignificant performance change e.g. with ATI hardware. Thus, only
build 330 scores should be used from now onwards.

Q: How do I know which build I am using?
A: Open 3DMark03, right click on your mouse over the user interface, then
select 'About'. The build is indicated as the version
number in the dialog box that opens.

We apologize for any inconvenience to you. We were forced to produce this
patch to re-enable objective performance comparisons.


Futuremark Corporation

Well all that aside I dont switch my drivers to any special mode when I play games and find the 44.03 to be a good driver, I think it sucks that this happened , and it dont help Nvidia in any way, hope they work harder now and get us some real drivers lol

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
Our investigations reveal that some drivers from ATI also produce a slightly lower total score on this new build of 3DMark03. The drop in performance on the same test system with a Radeon 9800 Pro using the Catalyst 3.4 drivers is 1.9%. This performance drop is almost entirely due to 8.2% difference in the game test 4 result, which means that the test was also detected and somehow altered by the ATI drivers. We are currently investigating this further.

lolol well well seems it might be common practice now what is going to be funny is how the one side will say well we only cheated a little they cheated more :D

Its too bad they need to cheat us and make us believe stuff , I mean we would but their stuff anyways no need to sell us on false #'s

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