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New 17' CRT [ which should be ]


Graphic Designer
New 17'' CRT [ which should be ]

Soon I want to take another 17'' CRT monitor as a second display . I need something performant ( doesn't matter price ) and thought at some brands but haven't decided :

  • * 1 . Samsung
    * 2. CTX
    * 3. LG

And sony was on the list too but as crt .. :rolleyes:

Any ideeas ? :eek:


hardware monkey
you might already know this...

not sure what card you're using, but the dual head nvidia cards require both displays to be set at the same resolution and refresh rate. so if your main display is a good 19" or larger, make sure the 17" you get supports high refresh rates as it will be the limiting factor.

not sure about other cards.
2 - 19 inch, in one room, better be a big room with an extra airconditioner.

I hate glare and the only monitors I found at any price that I could tolerate were the Samsung (it was the 753DF when I bought) or the Viewsonic flat screen anti glare (forget the model).

Viewsonic was best on glare but I ended up with the Samsung because the type of picture tube that viewsonic uses has 2 horizontal grey line from the dot mask tensioning wires. They distracted me and were a nuisance. I have the same thing on my monitor at work and tolerate it there most of the time.
Your call on distractions.

The viewsonic overall was a better monitor but $75 more. Good luck I did about 5 returns before I got one I could stare at 12 hours a day. The last one before I found the Samsung was causing me so much eye strain I returned it after 6 weeks and paid a restocking fee to get rid of it.


The Hell with those!!! Go NEC... The Multisync series is the best I've ever used...

I own a 771SB and it is perfect. Maybe as a back-up plan, look at Sony compartions.



Graphic Designer
Does your card have one vga port and a dvi port? or both vga?
Yes - an DVI & VGA

If the price doesn't matter why not go for a 19"+.....or am i missing the point?
With it's almost price I can get an 15'' TFT from Samsung ( but with 1024x768 rez .. too small :eek: ) .. I must think a lot about this .. maybe you're ritght .


I've found two brands interesting :
1. CTX ( FD trinitron - great :) )

2. LG

Any rec. on a model of these brands ? The CTX with Trinitron sounds as a great decision , I've had an ADI G500 with the same Trinitron and worked great .

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