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Never Miss A Call While Online



Can someone help me. I'm trying to find a FREE service or program that I can be used while surfing onlline. My brother has AOL and a 56 modem. Unfortunetly he also has one phone line. I'm looking for a service that is FREE that he can use so that when someone calls him, he get's an alert or has a way to pick up the phone. All software I have seen cost a monthly fee. Perhaps someone knows of one that is completley FREE. Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA


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While surfing one day, I accidentally stumbled upon a pop-up for something called "Internet Answering Machine" They have several versions, the free version is pretty basic, you register, then give out a toll free number to those who you want to be able to leave a message for you while you are online. Personally, I chose the version where you pay only 45 cents a month, and anyone who calls your number, receives the answering machine, which you can hear ring while your online, then it takes the message and downloads it, then plays it for you. I've had it for a few months, haven't had any probs with it. Gonna try my best to create an effective hyper-link for ya here-ypu, I've got a case of "the stupids" this morning, can't figure out how to use that button above to create one, anyway, the website is www.callwave.com, have a look!!:D


No free service. They charge now. Looking for something FREE. Thanks for trying.


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Internet Answering Machine

I just went to the Callwave site, and they still have callwave classic, which is FREE, you have the option of adding extras, like I have, which, like I said, is only 45 cents a month, added right on to your phone bill. The FREE version is completely FREE:p once the software is downloaded, you give the toll free number (I think its 876-RUON-NET) to people you wish to be able to leave a message, they call that and add on your phone number, then they can hear the message that you are online, and they can then leave a voice message. IT'S FREE!! My version involves no toll free number, anyone can call me while I'm online and I'll hear their message, it was a one time fee of $7.50, I believe, added to my Qwest bill, then only 45 cents a month thereafter.:D ;) :cool:

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