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Way too much time here...
I cannot network. Two comps with XP, I have an a7n8x dlx and my friend has a pci NIC. How do we do it? Cannot see each other over the lan connection. We tried with a crossover straight from one to the other, and with a normal one to the hub.



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On XP Pro (not sure about the Home ver) You can run the Windows Network wizard on one PC which will create a floppy you put in the other PC.

The wizard will create a Workgroup and allow you to share an Internet connection.


Way too much time here...
Yeah we got an IP each.

It wasnt the 192.blah one everyone recommends because I couldnt remember it. Bot had as the mask.

Home has the network wizard as well and it didnt work for us.



well...u guys mite wanna try same ip ranges each...so if u were to use a class C address like on yo machine,,make sure the other machine has a 192.164.5.xxx on it's...
Win2k shouldn't be a problem. Pretty much the same. That looks like it should work. You could use the proper 192.168.*.* range just in case, but I don't think that's it.

Does the lights on the NIC:s light up when you connect the cable? I suppose it does, just checking.

Can you ping eachother? Windows may be a bit slow on the "seeing the other computer" side, a ping tells you better if it's working.
did you physically create a share on each, Xp wont let you in til one is created which sets the settings to allow others to come in from a network.
Xp by default locks others from coming in for security reasons until you explicitly give that right.


Way too much time here...
We tried everything. Last night, He could see my comp but not get into it, and I was getting "error, might not have permission to access network" messages. Couldnt ping each other.

Is the shared files good enough? Or do we need to share a folder? I tried that and still no luck.

You share folders. That error you're getting is due to permission setups. The easiest way is to put both in simple file sharing mode.

If you could see the other computer you must have been able to ping. Did you ping the computer name or the IP?


Way too much time here...
I tried both and he tried the ip address. We couldnt do it. How do I get into simple file sharing mode?

Also, How do I network with a win2000pro comp? Wizard disk wouldnt work on this comp.

Thanks for all the help guys!!!



admittedly - this was something that wouldnt let my computer access the ICS over my LAN...however would the MTU settings have anything to do with this problem?


Way too much time here...
I think I have the firewall turned off. I unchecked the option wherever it is. I have shared a folder now and I am just waiting to put the comp into simple sharing.

What about win2000? I cant get to it either.



Way too much time here...
Latest update:

Ping Error 65 = A ZoneAlarm Problem. Seeing as how I dont have ZA on my computer anymore, it is time for a format and reinstall. Yay M$.

Going to upgrade to pro anyway so might as well do it now...

try adding the username and password on the WinXP machine to the users list on the Win2k machine - usually it wont let the XP machine in as there is no matching user/password on both machines.

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