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i got 2 network cards today, installed them, everything fine there
but trying to network my computer (win xp pro) and the family pc (win 98) just isn't working
it says it will
and i do the network setup wizard thing, that goes fine.. and they know when they're attached or d/c from each other.. but they can't see each other in network neighbourhood... ?
anyone conquored this prob?
help appreciated


:cool: Might be that you did not "share" any folders or drives on both machines. You have to share something. :cool:


xp m0nk3y
for them to see each other, you need to install netbeui. there is a catch tho. to install netbeui on ur xp machine you have to get the drivers off the xp cd. \VALUEADD\MSFT\NET\NETBEUI there is a nice little text file there explaining what you need to do. also, go here for more help.

hope this helps



OSNN Junior Addict
oDin is wrong and right.

But if you do some research on netbui you'll find that it's not recommended, very bad security whise.

You didn't provide enough information so I'm going to have to assume some things and ask you one question.

First the question. How are these computers accessing the internet? Both have same connection dsl/cable or phone line etc? no internet connection available?

I'm going to assume you have an internet connection between the two computers.

Here is the problem. One is win98 and one is windows nt based system.

Here is two ways to solve it.

1.) Requires logon, but more security.

You have to turn on the client for microsoft networks on both machines. (Most likely already done)

Change the way the windows 98 computer logs on. (Use Client for Microsoft Networks) Have it log on using a unique name and password.

Create an account on your windows Xp system with that exact same logon name and password.

(For XP)

Go under the folder options and go way to the bottom and turn off the simple sharing.

Then go into the sharing and security options for the folders you want to share.

There is an option for permissions. Chose this and go to add. Chose advanced, choose find now. Add the user account for the other computer. For exampe the user bob should be. Computer Name\Bob

Go under the security tab and then add that user again under this setting and choose what access you want the user to have.

Using this method you can observe what actions are being carried about by the other user. Although this setting is in practical because most likely he's sitting right next to you and you can see what he's doing.

(Win 98)
You just need to choose a folder to share and share it. No extra settings or securities need to be set.

2.) No logon.

Client for microsoft networks needs to be installed.

Choose windows logon for windows98 version.

No new accounts need be made on windows xp system. Multiple user accounts will bring up logon screen.

Go under Folder Options turn off simple sharing. (sorry never understood the simple file sharing so I have to turn it off) haha I know how to do it the hard way and not the easy way. *shakes head*

Under permissions for your new shared folder make sure that the account everyone is added.

You may need to add this account under security, but I think by default it's already there. You can then change it's permissions if you wish under security.

Click apply done done whatever. After this is done you should be able to access and no reboot is necessary.

You should have been able to access your windows 98 machine, but not vice versa.

There was a program that needed to be installed from the windows xp system on the windows 98 system. Remember it asking you to make a network disk to be installed on non xp systems? Yeah make sure you do that.

Go to bottom for more information if you do or don't need the following step and your problem isn't solved yet.

--Only relevant if you have no internet connection---

Don't do the following if you have an active internet connection.

If you are using two computers that do not use the internet in anyway you need to configure your tcp/ip settings. This is preferred by everyone except like 10 people who prefer net/bui. :)

netbui was the first method used and has been deemed by microsoft as insecure and is never installed by default, but is placed on the cd anyways in case some people are adament about using it.

Use tcp/ip.

To use this method you must obtain your ip address for you windows xp system. by going under the network connections it tells you on the left when the folders option is uncheckeded. It can also be obtained under by going under network connections, right click on the local area connection properties. Under the this computer uses the following connections. choose the tcp/ip properties. It tells you your ip address being used and your subnet mask. Very IMPORTANT. On your windows 98 machine go under this same setting and check it. Choose use the following ip address.

Make the windows 98 ip address one higher then your windows xp system. Example


the subnet mask has to be the same, usually 255.

When this is done choose apply. This may require a restart, don't remember.

this should fix your problems.


These are some misc network facts that may prevent a connection.

Computer names need to be unique.
Under System settings there is a tab for computer name. I don't remember where it is under windows 98. Look under system.

Workgroup names need to be the same. Don't remember how to change them. If this is a problem you can change them by running the network wizard again.

This shouldn't be an issue though. Since you can see both computers listed. I only mention it because it's network related and because the previous person mentioned it. Multiple networks can be created using different workgroup names, but this prevents computers from seeing eachother. Probably a security thing.

For added security use a unique network name.



instead of doing all of that mentioned above... all you have to do is make sure you have shared drives on the other pc, best to set a password... then on the XP machine, go into network properties, tcp/IP, advanced button, WINS tab, then enable NetBIOS or use default. Now some ppl may not like sharing over tcp/ip, if this is the case, then install the IPX protocol, and share files thru there... although I do agree with wbeach about using NetBEUI... I wouldnt recommend it myself either


I agree, I don't recommend NetBUI! But, I do not recommend IPX sharing either... Go for sharing directly over tcp/ip, that is probably the best way there is. (no offence guys, that's my experience of it, and I have a lot of it!)


OSNN Junior Addict
I agree with Faner about using TCP/IP over IPX

Just to prove my point I'll add some interesting facts.

Windows XP will disable ipx protocal all the time. It is set to manual. It will only turn on when a device makes a request for it then it will immediately turn itself off again. Interesting eh? If it's good then why turn it off all the time like that.

Second a lot of games are straying away from using the ipx protocal.

For example a game such as Diablo 2 from blizzard it no longer has the ipx connection type option. Same with a lot of new games. That is why I recommend the tcp/ip system. By using this method an ip address is assigned to both computers making it possible to play tcp/ip games even though your not connected online.

Lastly TCP/IP makes it possible to use internet sharing. This is only important though for limited reasons. One you want more security in your system or because you don't have a router or hub.




You have to have a hub or else it won't work

see.. with a hub, it makes the outputs and inputs reversed from the cat5 so the other computers can read it. If you're going directly from NIC to NIC, you're putting the inputs on the input and the output with the output.

Unless you have a hub or crossover cable, it's not going to work.

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