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Networking with XP Prof



I have 2 pc's with xp pro on them, a hub and dsl connection. My main computer which can access the internet works fine but when I try to hook up another nic card in the pc so I can run a network with the pc in the living room it doesn't work. I followed MS instructions and I also checked all the forums but nothing seems to help. At times the PC in the living room can actually see the main pc shared folder but when you try to access the folder it says you don't have permission contact administrator. Also, when trying to play multi player games even if I assign IP addresses on both pc's I can't play the games because it doesn't see the other pc. In either case It's not working. I had it working before with the living room pc running xp and the main computer running windows 98. Everything worked fine. The only difference was that I used WINGATE so the living room pc can access the internet. Anyhelp in setting up the network with XP PRO would be appreciated. Thanks. By the way firewalls are turned off and file sharing is enabled.


XP-erience Oldie
Click Start > Run > Type cmd > Click Ok > Type in CMD Prompt "ping ***.**.***.* " the * corresponds to the other pc for example if i wanted to ping my server I would type "ping" then see what happens, if you get a feedback with a ping in milliseconds then you are in luck, run over to the other machine and try it again but with the other machines ip.

If that only works on one machine not the other then that eliminates which pc is causing the prob



I am not clear, are you running both computers to the hub? Or are you running one computer the the hub and then running the second computer to the first computer via a UTP? If you are tying the two computers together you will need a crossover cable if you do not have one already...........


Thanks Tinker and skazzyuk

I'm running both computers into the hub. The main PC has the DSL modem attached to it via nic card, which works fine. The second nic card in the main PC is attached directly to the hub. The 2nd pc is also attached to the hub via nic card. As for pinging tried it and there is no response from either side. Which I find really strange especially, when I turned off the firewalls and allowed sharing. I can't figure it out. Windows 98 wasn't this difficult...I thought it would be much easier with XP Prof. I guess I was wrong. Any other help would be appreciated. Thanks.
- Enable ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on the NIC connected to the modem.
- Set the other computer to obtain IP automatically (DHCP).

That's it. Still won't work?



Tried that, it didn't work. I'm lost right now, I've been trying to figure this out for about 2 weeks already and nothing seems to work.

Any other help would be apprecited.
Since he is using a hub he should not have a crossover cable. However if you have access to a crossover cable you could try that instead of the hub and the two straight cables.

Anyway, does the second computer get an IP? Run ipconfig in the console. How does it look? Also try doing ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew to see if that helps. Post back with results. :)
most external ethernet dsl modems have built in router facilities. check the manual to see if yours supports it. if it does, then you can link the modem/router direct to the hub using a crossover cable and then connect both machines to the hub using straight cables, therefore doing away with needing another nic in the main machine...

also, try enabling netbeui over ipx/spx on the win98 machine... that helps a lot when networking it with an xp box.

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