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We have one desktop and two laptops other than my desktop on the network, two are xp, one is Vista and mine Windows 7.

Networking is setup and running very well, because my pc is much bigger with a lot more storage than the others a couple have folders on a partition on my pc which they can store stuff, works well to

The question is, using my pc as A and the others B, C, D, how can I set it up so if PC C has a folder on my PC, that folder is not accessible by B & D

Any help appreciated


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You will need to set up user accounts and give the individual permissions on the network. I don't think that is something you can do with a regular os. You will need a server os ..
I don't remember the specifics as I did this years ago on XP, but you should be able to do this on Windows 7.

- Create a User Acount, on A, for B, C, and D (each with a different password).
- Create a folder (or folders) that you want only B to access.
- Right-click the folder and click the Security tab (this is where memory fails me - there may be some other steps that you need to take).
- Click the "Find Now" button.
- Select the User Account for B.
- Click OK until you leave the dialog.
- You may have to reboot at this point.

The User Account for B should be able to open the folder. C and D will get some type of failure message (or folder not found).

Anyone - please correct me if I'm wrong! :suprised:


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Wait, I think I am wrong on this.

To do it just create a user account for each person, then when you share the folder, make it where only that particular user can have access to it.

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You should be able to just right-click the folder > properties > security tab

and also on the sharing tab

There you can specify who can access the folder and who cannot.

If the XP machine is home version then to see the security tab just boot into safe mode.

You can also do this through group policy depending on what version of Windows you have.

The link below shows Vista but you should get the basics from it.

How to Deny Access to Files or Folders in Windows Vista - How-To Geek

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