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networking question....

i have a cheapo linksys rt41-bu wired router. i just connected everything and it started working. i never had to run any cd or anything. but now i need to change some settings for xbox live and it wont let me get to it. people said to type : in IE and the router settings will show up but when i do that nothing happens. goes to the search page and asks me if i want to register that domain lol. how do i get to these settings? also. how do i upgrade the firmware. i download the .bin file to do so but don't know what to do after that.


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You will need to have admin access to the router before you can upgrade the firmware. First things first. find the back of the router and find the reset button. hold that in for about 10 seconds.

press windows key+r and then type cmd
next type ipconfig /all

type the "Default gateway" into IE and go there
that is the IP of your router. use "admin" as the password, that should let you in. Post any additional questions. :)

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