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Networking Problem



hey all,

I have a little problem and am seeking for some help:
The problem is, I've setup a client/server network with one server (server 2k3 as an os) and 6 workstations (all running xp pro). The hole thing started to work really good, and I 4 of the workstations were able to join the domain, but the other two are giving me error messages.

Here's how I let the workstations join the domain:
I right clicked on my computer, and selected properties. In the system properties window, I clicked the Network Identification tab, and then on the Network ID button. The Network identification wizard pops up, I click next, select that the pc is part of a business network, clicked next, and then said my company uses a network with a domain. I filled out all the required information, clicked next. In the next step of the wizzard, I typed in the computer name, and the Domain again. After I click next again, Then when I click next, a box comes up requesting the username, password, and domain name. I typed in all the information, click next, but then I receive an error message saying "access denied".

Anybody knows what this could be? I plugged in my laptop to the network and tryed to connect it, and am able to connect useing the same username, so I dont think it's a problem with the server.

please help me,



make sure you have the comp names on the server comp under users and groups


One Step from The Edge
If you used any type of imaging software to load the computers, the computer name would be the same. In other words, make sure that none of the computers share the same name or the name that you are trying to use is not already in the server. If you used the same computer name previously along with a different MAC/NIC card, the server sees this as a security issue. If you first used the NIC card with another computer name, try flushing the server's user ID table and then retrying to affilated the computer to the network.
Hope that gives you a go...
make sure that the PCs you are trying to add have a DNS address that includes the server IP. If you do not have one of the DNS address hardset to the server IP or through DHCP throught the server then it will not allow you to add it. Also, instead of using just the username include the domain, such as this... DOMAIN\USERNAME Make sure that the username you are using has access to add names to the domain and that you are logged on as an administrator to the local PC. If all else fails try using the domain admin account to add the account.
If you used any type of imaging software to load the computers, the computer name would be the same.
This is not necessarily true. A more accurate statement would have been ...the computer names MIGHT be the same.


One Step from The Edge
I am not going to argue that but you'd have to show me that one. I have done this multiple times and I don't know how you would/could image an entire computer, load the image onto another computer and then not have the same computer name. If you are saying that you could change the name name after the image has been loaded, then you would be correct. I think that is a little common sense. If you are saying that the name could be changed any other way, IE while loading the burn, you'd have to describe that to me.
Maybe I'm just ignorant of any way to do that....

Take care...
RIS - Remote Installation Services

I use it every day. I administer the images. I know for a fact that this does not happen because part of the imaging process is a prompt for a computer name, and when you use a name it adds it automatically to the domain (AD) for you so if it already exists it errors out.


One Step from The Edge
Okay, now we are speaking the same language. I agree with you when you are speaking about remote installation and it giving you the option to make changes on the fly.



ok, I fixed it. The first time I joined the domain, I had to login with the administrator account from the server, after the restart, I just used the username that I setup in the AD for the login, and it works ,hurray

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