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Ok guys, Here is what I can do and what I would like to do.

I have a normal PC with Windows XP pro and it has a SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter with a simple crossover cable to my old PC, which also has a SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter. The operating system that is on my old PC has Windows 95 with all of the updates from the windows update site.

I have installed the recommended protocols (i.e., netbeui, TCP/IP etc) and I have also installed RealVNC server and viewer on each machine. This works great between the two PC’s so I no TCP/IP is working fine. I can also run Final Doom great through both the machines. Another point is that I can view shared folders on my old machine from my normal machine but I am having trouble viewing my old machine in Windows XP Pro.

I have installed all the recommended protocols on Windows XP Pro and also the unsupported netbeui on Windows XP Pro. I have tried numerous things to get Windows XP Pro to see the 95 machine but I’m struggling at this point. I have also made things simple (because I have a crossover cable) to keep managed IP numbers on each machine (not using DHCP, I disabled the service in Windows XP Pro).

The network layout is like this…note, it works fine in FinalDoom and RealVNC over TCP/IP.

Host/Normal PC has a name of MARKSPC, manual IP =

Old/95 PC has a name of MARKSPC2, manual IP =

The workgroup on each machine is NORMALPC to help keep things simple.

So I would like to know how I could see shared Windows 95 folders through Windows XP Pro. I’m hoping not to use DHCP as I would prefer to keep things manual as I have a simple network without any router rubbish. Also if I could move away from the unsupported NETBEUI protocol that would be great and use my file sharing through TCP/IP would be impressive as my first attempt at that was miserable.

Well if you can help out that would be great.

PS, Host machine has NTFS and Old machine has FAT32.



Is anyone willing to help with my problem? I know this site is really for the NTFS platform but surely people should have knowledge of networking windows 95/9x with windows XP Pro.


do you have file and printer services installed on your 95 box? if so, share your folders on 95, windows XP will see those folders, but most likley win95 wont see the XP machine, let me know if it dosnt, and I can suggest a few things to fix that.



I have enabled file and print sharing on both machines. Like I said Windows 95 see's the WIndows XP Pro shared folders but Windows XP Pro does not see the Windows 95 shared folders.



Ok my normal PC has an IP of as recommended by Geffy. The old PC has but Windows XP Pro still can't see the shared folders in Windows 95 though Windows 95 can still see Windows XP Pro shared folders. So that tip hasn’t helped Geffy but it makes sense though.


It works!

Hello guys.

Good news, after rechecking my services ( I soon noticed that some of my network services was disabled. I think the ones I changed back to automatic were workstation, server and link tracking client and a few others. The reason these were disabled was because I checked my services straight after a reinstall of Windows XP Pro and this was before I had set-up a home network.

Well thanks for all of the help guys, here is the proof! ~ if image does not display.

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