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Networking Certifications


--== babyface ==--
Just out of curiousity, I have completed my MCSE 2000 and CCNA while preparing to do my CCNP soon. My intention and goal is to be an expert in the field of networking, practically I am gaining as much experience on the field that I can possible .. however it is also my pleasure of getting as much certifications on the field of networking possible.

What would you guys suggest in terms of networking certifications that I should consider since this is my intention? ;)
Well you probably have the skills so you might as well pickup the Network+ while your at it. You will also want to go get your Novell certs etc as they will payoff for awhile to come.


--== babyface ==--
Thanks for the advise .. But why Novell's certifications? Actually I am a Novell supporter and user myself, my company has been using Netware 3.12 and recently migrated to Netware 6. I have absolutely no complaints of the Netware performance as compared to any other server OS. But I am not too sure of Novell's marketing strategies, do you think they would be gaining ground soon? I know they are going through a revolutionary change in management now, but to what extend the success would be I ain't too sure .. but like what you've suggested, I am indeed interested to take up CNA and proceed futher .. thanks for your advise !! :)

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