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Networking cable 1.5gig with...

cat5e or cat6 ill give you gigabit over copper.

you can get gigabit switches for approx £100 or less.

not sure thats the info you wanted though


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
errr yes... HMMmmm most routers I know of offer four - and you are somewhat vague in your question - I get the impression you will be subscribing to a 1 MBps connection and want the extra badnwidth for LAN useage? Because you do mention connection and two to start and six as a max.... you could describe the other end of things also. What do you have against the 80211g standard? I am thinking of switching my b WAP for a g and moving the b out as a repeater for the garden....

Waffle waffle - others may indeed give you the info you need if you provoke them - sounds to me like CAT5 and a suitable router will do it - hope that's what you need to know.
Mainframeguy said:
my b WAP for a g and
That took a few readings before I got it right. ;)

P.Jackson: I take it you mean 1.5 Mbit and not Gbit? Then just get a router and connect the computers up with normal CAT5 cable. When you get more than four computers just get an extra switch.

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