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network woes




just got a Gigabyte GN-BR401 broadband router, now iam trying to network up 2 PCs, ones with windows xp and one with 98.

the machine with XP can access the inet email icq etc. but 98 machine just dosent want to connect to the MShome domain, inet email anything

iam really stuck here

the XP i can see the 2 pcs in the MSHOME domain but i cannot access the 98 machine

\\Xeryus is not accessible. you might not have permission to use this network resource. contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions,

the network path was not found

really no clue what to do. first time with networks :(

2 lights are on on the 2 Realek RTL8139C nic cards.

any info will most certainly be welcomed.


Gigabye GN-BR401 Broadband router.

thats the router i need. but why a hub if only connectiong

XP machine + 98se Machine - to a Router and that to the cable connection?

they both have the correct domain names, DIFFERENT names but the DCHP on the router ONLY gives info to the XP machine, those 2 get on well it seems but the router does not give any DHCP settings to the 98 machine or vise versa..


You might want to read this thread, has some useful information.

also did you turn off the built in firewall in XP, cause as far as I know, that will stop file sharing between the two computers.

I have four computers, and the linksys cable/dsl router, when I had them setup and running just into the router, had all sorts of problems file sharing between the computers, now that I have had a switch between the computers and router, no problem to speak of. I know there are ways to do what you want, and hopefully some of the network guru's in this forum will answer your question, better than I did.

wish you luck m8:D


it helped some :)

really the problem is. Windows98, it just dosent want its on IP for the DHCP from the router.


is what i get always. i cannot renew all i get cant access DHCP errors

DHCP Server unavailavle: renewing adapter ""

the ip isnt 192.168.1.xxx just like this XP machine


i cannot even access the routers options from the web browser ont he 98 machine
Found this on the net, not my words,

If you get a message about "Error renewing adapter" or "DHCP Server Unavailable" there is one more thing you can try. Shut down your computer. Turn it off. Wait a few seconds and then turn it back on. Sometimes this fixes a stuck net card.

also make sure you have latest drivers for nic installed.


have tried 2 cables Cat5 utp patch lead (booted)

and i have the latest drivers (as far as i can tell) for the Nic card. no irq conflics

I know when I set up my Linksys, I had to go in there and tell it how many computers were going to connect to it, you might want to make sure you set that up correctly from the XP machine, just follow your manual on how to do that, you might just have it set up for 1 address.

Other than that I'm stumped, you might want to check back in this forum, there are some really good network guru's here, they just might be out playing right now. I'm no network expert by any means, programming now that's my passion.



2 it seems

XP machine

my 98 machine isnt picking up any ips the router give, it dosent even communicate

how do i disable ICS? and where?

to disable ics: start >> network connections >> right click ur adapter >> properties >> adavced tab

try setting it to hand out 3

if that doesn't work leave it set at 3. write down the unused ip. on ur 98se machine manually set the ip to the one you wrote down.



ICS is off.

i cannot tell the router which ips to use. only within the 192.168.1.xxx range and its DHCP

iam really stummped

anyone at all use a Gigabyte GN-BR401 Broadband router?

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