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Can anybody tell me if a Network utilization of 0.5% under task manager is normal using XP Pro? It seems very low. I have a broadband router & 2 PC's using a 100mbps cards, even when I'm transfering large files between the 2 PC's it never go's up, I've tried another hub as well. Both PC's are very high spec & I get a maintain download speed of 60kb/sec.

Any suggestions on how to improve it, or am I missing the point on network utilization?

Thanks in advance
Sounds pretty low. When using Internet it's not surprising, but if you copy files between the computers you should get about 50-75% (6-8MB/s). If the speed is there and it just shows wrong, I wouldn't worry about it.


Thanks for the reply. I've just copied about 900mb to my other pc in just under 3:30mins, would you say that was reasonable speed? My network utilization never went above 1%. Cheers
900/(3*60+30) = ~4.3 MB/s. Could be better I suppose, but it's way higher than 0.5% (0.005*12.5 = 62,5 kB/s). The real percentage is about 35%.
same problem......

i have the same problem, my utilization doesn't go over 5%, i dunno why, before when i had peer to peer, or home networking whatever, i could transfer at almost 8-10MB's, a 600 mb file took like 2 mins, but now it would take about 10 mins, it sucks, i have a usual routine when reformatting and i followed the same one and my file sharing sucks now..... any ideas.....???

fixed it !!!

ok i am transferring pretty fast now, around 2mb/s when i do some file sharing, its awesome.... i dont know exactly what did it but first if all i downloaded and installed the latest drivers for my network card, enabled 100MB FULL DUPLEX (under your netowrk card properties), and then i went to START->RUN->GPEDIT.MSC, then ADMINISTRATIVE TEMPLATES -> NETWORK-> QOS PACKET SCHEDULER and on the right panel i enabled LIMIT RESERVABLE BANDWITH to 0% (from 20%)..... but thats all i remember doing right now... i will re-post once i remember what else i did, hope this helps for now....


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