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network setup wizard


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I set up a two pc network about 4 months ago and this week the network, just seemed to stop working i cant access files/printers/net connections through the network. So i tried running network setup wizard and durring the setup process(the part where the file goes across the two pc's), the setup process halts and an error message is displayed saying that setup cannot complete and to try diiferent settings. i ve tried every setting i could think of and i still get the same error, help would be much appreciated
Do you have 2 NIC's in one machine? Were you working the machine that connects to the internet as the ICS gateway (the one w/ 2 NIC's)? You need to run the wizard on the machine w/ the 2 NIC's and create the setup disk for the other computer and run it as instructed. If you get the error in the machine w/ the 2 NIC's then the cable or the NIC may be to blame. A little more detail on your setup is needed... got the crossover cable part ok, but are you using ICS too? Does your gateway have 2 NIC's? Stuff like that.

Have you been in the device manager to see if your NIC's are working right?

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