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network properties lag after start up



hello all, Im new to the board and xp, just installed it and its working great up into the point where I set up my internet connection, once I reboot It starts up fine , fast and no problems. I then double click my dsl connection shortcut on my desktop, and thats where the problem occurs it dosent pop up, its not responding neither does right clicking and opening my network properties. so I ctrl-alt-delete to bring up the task manager and it dosent even list me as being logged on as a user, about 2-3 minutes later all the windows pop up dsl connection , network properties, and so on so does anyone know what this problem could be like I said before it runs extremly fast up until that point infact it still runs fast after it lists me logged on in the task manager, but the network properties lags it start up, any one with any of the same experiences, anyways thanks for your time
does everything lag...or just network properties...the situation you described seems to be that your computer's GUI is loaded..but your connection is not done loading per se..Try doing other things and see if they work..if you get the same result when trying to open up other stuff it's merely a matter of some subsystems and services still loading. you can try running bootvis to help, and kill any services you don't use.


narrowed it down to imapi.exe in boot

thanks will try it does load up but it takes awhile same with it showingme even asbeing logged on in the task manager, but will try that boovis.....Ok I have tryed the bootvis and yes did speed up overall bootup, I dont even see the white lines flash across the bottom, bott still network properties , is lagging and the fact that it dosent register in task manager that im even logged in I see theres a imapi.exe that finally loads at the same time that network properties pops up then it leaves the process screen in task manager only have about 17 process going on, any more help would be great


OK i TRIED BOOTVIS DID SPEED UP overall boot up time still didnt fix problems with the prefetch, i deleted all the files in the folder and still that didnt halp its the imapi.exe file that takes so long to load , its the prefetch exe "imapi.exe" I did a clean install last night on a reformated partition and still had same problem so it wasnt nothing to do with the software from sbc, even after clean install takes 2-3 minutes for network properties to pop up or even for the system to recognize that I was logged on the task manager dosent list me for 34 minutes as being logged on, so anyways loved the forum but am going back to win2000, damn this suxs I loved all the themes for winxp and the fact that users can customize there settings s easy.


anyone know if this works on the TERAYON Cable Modems? My ISP also uses the Motorola, but I have a TERAYON, does it still work? thanks.

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