Network is slow for some and fast for others


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8 Dec 2001
My computer (a few others) retrieves information off the server quickly and others take a good 2-3 minutes. We go through all the same hardware. Same with printing.. I hit print and it's starts spooling instantly. Others you can walk out of the room go get a drink and come back it's either just printing or just stopped.
by default xp searches for scheduled tasks over a network, which makes it laggy...

merge this to make network browsing instant
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

;----- Increase Network Throughput

;----- Speed Up browsing remote computers (Your Network)
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Are all the settings the same for the PCs that are connected to the network, software configuration etc? and have you tried isolating the slower networked computers and seeing if they have anything in common to each other, or comparing a faster computer to a slower one?

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