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OK.... We have 1mb cable into our house downstairs. I want to share this connection round thr house and laying Cat5 cable is out of the question. Is it possible for me to do this (see attachment). PC1 is downstairs in the same room that the cable modem is while pc 2 and the laptop will be in my room. PC's 3 and 4 will be optional if friends come round and we want to do some LAN gaming or something.

I need to do this as cheaply as possible . I would like recommendations on hardware and i eed to know whether to use cross-over or patch cables and where.

This sounds very right to me. The wireless "hub" (Access Point is the correct term) probably only has one port. You will need a hub or a switch extend the ports. A straight CAT5 cable from the AP to the hub/switch should work. If it goes into the uplink (twisted one way) or a normal port (twised the other way) I cannot say.

I'd say basically any brand will do, whatever you can get your hands on. CNet, Linksys, Netgear, D-Link and so on. I have however seen tests pointing out that you should stay away from Intels 802.11b hardware. I don't know if they have improved since then though.

One advice would be to get the same brand of all the wireless hardware. It makes for easier and smoother setup and running.

You (should) only need straight CAT5 cables for this.

Good luck! :)

<edit>Totally missread you post, sorry. This is the new version of the reply. :)</edit>


Cheers, I was hoping to use 802.11a for the wireless part because if i want to transfer files its faster but theoreticall if i was to use Cat 5 cabling for the other parts i wouldn't be able to use the full benefits or 100Mbit besause of the bottleneck of the wireless. Is this correct?
802.11a would be a good idea to get the speeds up. There's also less interferance at that frequency band afaik. The computers will be able to use 100Mbit between them except for PC1.

If you get a switch the computers will have a dedicated 100Mbit bandwidth. If you get a hub they will share the 100Mbit. On such a small network the impact is marginal as long as you don't transer files between all computers at the same time.


are switches more expensive than hubs? Also i take it the broadband internet will be shared. Half will go to the first PC and the other half to the access point
Yes they are, but I don't think it's much.

The Internet connection will be shared, but not equally. Each computer will use as much as it can.

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