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Can anyone clear this up?

I have two pc's both running XP Pro networked together because they share my internet connection. For months I have had no problems with this setup. A few days ago the lights that are supposed to illuminate on the face of the network card stopped illuminating. I thought it might have been a dodgy cable, so I replaced it with a new one. Unfortunately, this didn't cure my problem. I deleted the network cards from device manager on both pc's, reset and let XP reinstall the drivers. But no, this didn't do shit.

Will my network card need replacing?
I have two Realtek RTL8139 PCI Ethernet Cards.

Are there any programs to test my hardware?

Any help would be great! Cheers.


Card might have gone bad. I would try changing the PCI slot first and see if that works.

You could also swap cards between computers. If it doesn't work in the other computer, it may be bad.


i dont know if this will help you out or not. I have DSL that uses a NIC card. I had a strange problem last night. DSL was working fine, i shutdown because of upgrading video card. As i took out old video and installed new video, i ended up switching locations of different pci cards. (no big deal right.. right)

Upon boot, everything recognized, no errors on anything in device manager. I went to login to my ISP (dsl) and it tried to connect, but ended up erroring out for the dial up line being busy. Wait a minute... this is DSL, it doesnt dial up! WTF! hehe.

Anyways, to make a long story short.... after trying to remove NIC cards from device manager and reinstalling it, still diodnt work. I removed all the network devices and network programs (tcp/ip, MS networks, and file and print sharing) from the NIC card properties and reinstalled. This worked.

Maybe you should try the same thing. Who would think a video card swap out would reek so much havoc!

Good luck!

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