Network cable unplugged? IT IS PLUGGED!!



Well, this is a weird problem I have...

At my dad's place there's a Desktop with XPpro running on it, with a DSL modem connected thru an Ethernet Card.
A second Ethernet Card (exactly the same brand and type) is installed, to connect to a Laptop. (Crossed Cable connection).

What's the issue?

Internet Connects extremely problem, but the 2nd Ethernet card ALWAYS shows a 'network cable unplugged' icon...
I reinstalled the bl**dy thing, with no result...
Then I thought it was the cable itself, but when I inserted it into the Laptop's ethernet-card, The Laptop showed a 'connected' icon....but NOT THE DESKTOP PC...
btw The laptop has a Win2kpro running...

Without configuring the cards, they should (with cables connected), SHOW THE 'connected' icons right?

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Does the laptop communicate properly? Or is there no connection. If you plug ANY cable in to the network card, the cable unplugged notification should go away, whether the cable is going anywhere or not. And if not show the connected icon, they should at least not show the disconnected icon.


The laptop communicates like no other! (yezz it connects to everything you want!)

Any cable plugged into the 2nd Ethernet card doesn't make any change... it keeps on saying 'a network cable is unplugged'.

BUT, if you insert a cable in this 2nd card, the little green led starts burning... (if you ask me this means: 'yep, I got a line here!')
But the XP doesn't recognise it...
I'll ask my dad to move the 2nd card to another pci slot... you never know... (if he manages to do that... he alwayz needs my help!;-)

More ideas?


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are you sure that network cable unplugged is referring to the 2nd ethernet card and not another port?

go to your network connections screen to see what is what, cause my firewire card shows that unless disabled.


Ow yezz, I'm so sure! ;)

There's 3 connection Items, 2 of them are 'connected'; being
Ethernet Card 1 (the actual ethernet connection to the ADSL Modem (= Alcatel SpeedTouch Home)), and the PPPoE connection (the ADSL modem connected to the Internet, when it HAS a connection of course).
The Third Icon is the 2nd Ethernet card, and that's the one with the 'network cable unplugged' notice.
So yes, I'm quite sure ;)



Think I fixed it.

I was having simular problems. This is how I fixed it.
I went into advanced properties Tab of the Card and manually set the speed of the card ( It was on Auto ). *100/full duplex.

Since I use a Crossover cable and I hated to see the pop-up "network cable is unplugged" message everytime I rebooted I went to the following Microsoft site and disabled the balloon pop-up. -->;EN-US;q307729

I hope some or all of that helps you.


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