Hi, I'm new here so be patient :p

I was messing around with the dos prompt and came across this when I types netstat -a :

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State
TCP einstein:auth einstein:0 LISTENING
TCP einstein:epmap einstein:0 LISTENING
TCP einstein:microsoft-ds einstein:0 LISTENING
TCP einstein:1027 einstein:0 LISTENING
TCP einstein:2869 einstein:0 LISTENING
TCP einstein:3016 einstein:0 LISTENING
TCP einstein:3024 einstein:0 LISTENING
TCP einstein:3248 einstein:0 LISTENING
TCP einstein:5000 einstein:0 LISTENING
TCP einstein:29049 einstein:0 LISTENING
TCP einstein:3001 einstein:0 LISTENING
TCP einstein:3002 einstein:0 LISTENING
TCP einstein:3003 einstein:0 LISTENING
TCP einstein:netbios-ssn einstein:0 LISTENING
TCP einstein:3016 ESTABLISHED
TCP einstein:3024 ESTABLISHED
TCP einstein:3248 SYN_SENT
UDP einstein:epmap *:*
UDP einstein:microsoft-ds *:*
UDP einstein:isakmp *:*
UDP einstein:1026 *:*
UDP einstein:1028 *:*
UDP einstein:3004 *:*
UDP einstein:1900 *:*
UDP einstein:2234 *:*
UDP einstein:3005 *:*
UDP einstein:3009 *:*
UDP einstein:3030 *:*
UDP einstein:netbios-ns *:*
UDP einstein:netbios-dgm *:*
UDP einstein:1900 *:*
UDP einstein:2234 *:*

Could someone tell me what those microsoft ports are doing there and how coul I close them.

we do need a little bit of information to work it out

Whats the program or game ?

is it an online game ?

Is it a microsoft game ?

etc etc
try this out

Active Ports
Active Ports - easy to use tool for Windows NT/2000/XP that enables you to monitor all open TCP/IP and UDP ports on the local computer. Active Ports maps ports to the owning application so you can watch which process has opened which port. It also displays a local and remote IP address for each connection and allows you to close any port. Active Ports can help you to detect trojans and other malicious programs.

Download here
Thanks for the tips APK

I am about to do a graphical GUI model of both in fact, along with a graphical chkdsk.exe as well! Same base form engine for all 3, just diff interiors is why they will all release around same time! apk

Im looking forward to it :)

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