net packet errors...doin my nut


sour mash

I was told to keep tab pressed while playing existence,cs or any other hl mod and guess what.......I only recieved the net fault when a large lag spike(usually 4000 and up)and im left looking at a blank screen.
Ive tried many forums to try to solve this but none seem to work 100 %...I wish the big M can read these and sort out a fix..ive been playing hl et all on 60 htz for the last 2 weeks until I read this web page and found the fix.....DUH
It really gets my goat that all works well with 98 or come spending £100 on an operating system seems to make playing games .... A BLACK ART...come on MS sort it.:mad:
The net packet errors are to do with your network card.... are you getting that issue on all servers ?

Download and install the latest Drivers for your network card ....

Also in the CS console type Rate and try increasing it or decreasing it ...

I am on ADSL and my rate = 10000
Cheers max.......BUT

Thanx 4 the reply but....and it seems that if anyone else is having this problem (the dreaded Net packet write) one...just go to your network settings at control panel and uninstall Qos.

WAHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO....i can at last play cs again .:) :) :)

Do you see this?

If so its because xp doesnt think your internet is being used, ie by CS, so just run ICQ in that background or msn/irc, that fixes my problem, it wont drop if i know those babies are in use :)

Good luck

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