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Net Nanny Problem


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Re: im a little confused in Computer Management

Hi, I am a little confused too. You guys are great and I know that you can help me. I don't know if I am posting this on the right thread, and I apologize for changing the subject, but my xp system is in real trouble. It kicked me off of this site numerous times. I installed the net nanny on my computer to keep my 14 year old off...inappropriate sites....well...it screwed up my whole system. It works with the McAfee and so every 5 min it says that adult content is being sent to my computer, but I have all access, and I have uninstalled it. I can't go on any sites, not even comcast, no pop ups nothing! how can I get rid off this nightmare! I just want it to go away!


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hi, I actually figured it out. It was time for me to renew McAfee anyway so, I uninstalled it and then renewed it. It installed everything fresh. I don't have that problem anymore. No more annoying blocks anytime I try to search anything, even this site. But, I heard of a program, pro soft or something I will try that.


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I had problems with a free trial of Net nanny a while back. I think it replaces the file your computer accesses the net with (winsock.dll) but doesn't change it back when it is uninstalled and so you can't view anything! Reinstalling Mcafee would have replaced this file back again.


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Thanks, it was really frustrating. I have talked to someone else at worked who said that he used the Net Nanny and it messed his stuff up too. Thumbs down for the Net Nanny. :lick:

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