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NES and SEGA Genesis



Feeling kind of retro the past week or so..
went through the attic and I found them both there..so I just had to plug them in...:D

So..people..name your favorite NES or SEGA Genesis game...!!

Why can't they make game consoles like that anymore??:rolleyes:


NES: "Track & Fields II", "Goonies II" and "Spy V's Spy".

SEGA Genesis: "Wiz & Liz"..but good ol' Sonic still kicks!:cool:


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Awwwwwww yeah!

Damn...Never really a Sega fan...But ye olde Nintendo Entertainment System, that's another story...

River City Ransom...Legend of Zelda...Battletoads...T&C Surf Design...Startropics...All Megaman games...Ooooo...Damn. I need to go get some ROMS! I'll be back later! *L*



personally, i was never too much a fan of the NES systems. but..here goes:

NES: Super Mario Bros. 3, the Old School Mega Mans (3 and 4), and Kid Icarus

Sega Genesis: Mutant League Football

SNES (i wanted to add it in): Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past


I'm sorry Hal...
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Genesis rules! (or Mega Drive as it was known here) i have a Genesis emulator. play it more than most PC games :)

best games are Road Rash 3, Sonic 3, NHL Hockey, Streets Of Rage (all of them). There are others but i can't think of them


Both systems are good But Nintendo was definetley my favorite, they started us on this genre back in the day...

Fave games: MegaMan 2 , Super Mario 3 , Legen Of Zelda, Rygar, Commando, Rush "N" Attack, Metal Gear, Metroid, Contra, Lifeforce, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Gyromite, Duck Hunt, and MegaMan 3.

Genisis: Altered Beast, Michael Jackson Moonwalker, Toe Jam and Big Earl ( This was the **** ), Streets Of Rage 2, STRYDER, and Sonic 2.


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NES: TMNT (all the games...wooo), Final Fantasy, Spy VS Spy, Battletoads, Double Dragon I & II...way more than i can remember Oh Oh and Xenophobe (really love that one!)

SEGA: Phantasy Star IV, Road Rash, WWF Raw, NHL 99, General Chaos <-- has anyone else played this game...it's f***ing awesome...again way more


...will circle this city
ohhh Toejam and Earl....that was an awesome game too. hehe right when i was falling asleep i remembered a whole lot of other good games:

NES: Rampage, Crystalias <-- what an awesome game

SEGA: Mutant League Hockey, and like Krux said above Comic Zone. ("Well done Turner!")

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