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Nero - What's Included

American Zombie

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The UK site has 4 update packages but the USA site has 6.

Difference is the USA site updates include Nero Mix and Nero Photoshow Express while the UK site does not.

The UK site calls the update Nero 6 Reloaded and the USA site calls the update Nero 6 Ultra Edition but from what I can tell the components are the same version numbers.

Just something to keep in mind as it seems the USA site gives two more applications to you then the UK site does.


Blame me for the RAZR's
i know more bang for the buck is better but man im getting tired of things constantly being added to progs lol. i guess its just so more people buy it and they can put new version out. great example who here uses winamp as a video player lol.

Electronic Punk

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Photoshow... I think that was really poor.
Neromix isn't too interesting I don't think, not really looked at it.

The main parts are incd (if you use that kinda thing), nero (obviously) and that uber app nerovision.

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