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The Analog Kid
I've just started to try burning VCD's with Nero. I can't seem to get any of them to work. My DVD player just spins the disk and then shows "no disc". ANy help would be appreciated


same problem

i have the problem to. i can use easy cd 5 to do it and they work but when i do it with nero they play but theres no sound or movie.
Is your sony rated to play VCD/CDR/CD-RW?

If they don't play on your computer then there's a solid bet they won't play anywhere else. Can you read the contents of the VCD? If so, go to the 'MPEGAV' folder, copy the ???.dat file to your computer and rename it to ???.mpg. Does that work in any of your media players? If it does, you should have a good VCD. If not, well, you don't, lol. It may be due to the media type too, try a different brand of cdr.

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